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Thursday’s Crew 9/6/12

Posted on: September 6, 2012

Cheeto and Bo are two brothers in a litter of five who were found at the beach. I’m fostering them until they find their ‘forever homes.’ At first they were quiet and shy, but, now that they’ve gotten comfortable, their true personalities are shining through. Here they are sleeping on my windowsill at work, after a long, hard day of doing laps on my desk. If they’re awake, they’re a blur, if they’re sleeping, it’s snuggled on me or next to each other. I’ll be sad to see them go!

Hercules is obedient and well-behaved, much like an older puppy. He was the only white puppy in a litter of black Labrador retrievers. He recently graduated the star of his puppy class, learning most commands well before the other dogs, and he even knows how to high five by means of greeting. He loves to play in the water–in our desert home this is mainly his kiddie pool, but he has learned to turn on the garden hose by himself to cool off. However, he abhors baths. He is a playful puppy, happily greeting all other dogs without fear, and he adores my parents’ twelve-year-old lab. He has learned to play fetch in the backyard and loves walks around our neighborhood. He is currently about forty pounds of chubby puppy and thinks he’s a lap dog. Hercules is my first four-legged child, but he has been a great learning experience. My parents are excited to have a grand-puppy and my best friends have gladly accepted him as their god child. He even sits in my lap (for now) while I Skype with my best friend in Italy.

Two months old
Guinea Pig
Budapest, Hungary
I am introducing my little piggie, Punky. He looks like a big hamster (his nickname is Giant Hamster). I got him for my birthday. He came from a pet shop, and he lived in a little terrarium with one bunny and three other guinea pigs. I loved him at first sight. Four years ago I had three other piggies (only males), but Punky is very different than them. They were not very tame, but Punky is! When I take him to his “night room,” and go to the the sitting-room, he comes to in front of the cage bars, after climbing the bars, and begs for attention (and of course food). But most guinea pigs do this.
Why Punky is special? Because he isn’t very afraid the loud noises, and he came with me to our weekend house and Margaret Island. He likes when someone is petting his fur. When I whistle a little, he comes, because I taught him if he hear this sound, he gets delicious food. I don’t know why, but guinea pigs are crazy for the cucumber, and Punky is too. Punky loves playing with his toys, but he doesn’t like bathing. I hope that one day he will be a therapy piggie, because he is housebroken, and doesn’t pee the human who is holding him! He has some fans among my friends. He is intelligent – when I play him his own sounds (I sometimes record his voice) he never responds to his own sound! He is a very special guinea pig, and I hope he will be healthy and fun like now for a long time!

Two and a half years old
Shetland Sheepdog
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
This is Logan, sometimes Logie for short! Every time I take Logan for a walk, and a person walks past, they come over and say, “Awe!!! It’s a Lassie Dog!!!” or “Awe!!! It’s like a Collie but a mini!!!” but I correct them and tell them he is a Shetland Sheepdog or Sheltie for short.
Logan is a special boy! He can do lots of tricks like shake, turn around, go around and lots more! He is a lovable dog and he understands whatever you’re feeling, and makes it his own mood. He loves everyone, but mostly his mother, he goes to her for food and loves her the most, and then there’s me, I get second person love. He was very mischievous as a puppy, chewing on almost everything he could find, including my fingers, ouch! He does try to herd some of my little cousins, too! He is my first dog ever and he is the best one ever! I love my dog Logan!

Ten years old
Scotland, UK
Kiltie is just a loving wee soul. She loves attention, is very affectionate and cuddles up to you at every given opportunity. She is one of my four cats; I also have three Siamese. I had read up on the Sphynx and really fell in love with the breed, so decided to source a breeder and buy a kitten. Just after I got her, I found myself going through a divorce and lost my mum and because I had my cats this pulled me through, because they needed me.
She is more of a lap cat, not really into games anymore. She loves people, and uses her paws like wee hands to be able to make her needs known and loves to be carried around. Anyone who has a Sphynx will tell you they are no ordinary cat. They like to be in your personal space and that’s just the way I like it. She is a wonderful cat.


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