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Friday’s Crew for 9/7/12

Posted on: September 7, 2012

This is Tippy.
I recently lost my beloved cat of 15 years, Cleo. I was so heartbroken! I adopted a kitten from the local shelter and tragically it died of distemper one week later! When reading the newspaper I saw an ad from a lady who was fostering kittens and had to give it another try. That is how I got Tippy, named for the black color tip to tip (nose and tail). I think his black nose makes him adorable and comical looking.

This is Dancer (golden retriever)
Dancer loves giving puppy kisses and playing tug of war with anything, including her puppy mommy’s hair. She thinks everyone is her new best friend and her goal in life is to get a belly rub from every person she meets.

Two and a half years old
I got Sid last Christmas when his old family no longer has the time to care for him. He is my third chin, the first two hate being scratched so it was great to find out that there is nothing Sid loves more than a good rub behind the ears! Sid is very vocal, when he sees me visiting with the other chins he starts to buzz and beep and make all kinds of noises, jumping around the cage until he gets attention. When he is out playing he can even sound like he is laughing, especially when I am trying to convince him to return to his cage! He is very outgoing, when we first got him he used to get upset if we touched his tail or back but now he is fine with it and as soon as I open his cage door he tries to literally leap into my arms!
Sid is living alone at the moment, we did attempt to introduce him to my other two chins but it didn’t go well so now I am waiting for the perfect baby chin to come along to hopefully be his cagemate. Until then, he will continue to enjoy lots of extra love and attention from me.

Five years old
This is Cherri! A little bit of history on Cherri (pronounced ‘cherry’ like the fruit): She was given to me when she was three when her very loving-family could no longer care for her. She has become the apple of my eye and is part of my little family. I love her and always will. She was named before I got her, and came with a plethora of her personal belongings, including a bed, six months worth of dog food, toys, treats, leashes, a Pedi-paw, and coats/jackets. She was extremely loved in her previous family and is equally loved now that she is apart of my family.
It took me almost a week to convince Cherri that she was allowed up on the furniture and in my bed to come sleep with me because she wasn’t allowed on the furniture in her old home, but now–she never leaves my side. She follows me around my home, and covers my photography clients in kisses and adoration whenever we do in-home shoots (after barking her little head off to warn me that people are here, of course).
Cherri’s birthday is February the 13th and as of this year, she is now five. When I first got her, my friends affectionately nicknamed her ‘rat dog’ simply because she was so tiny and I had given her an atrocious hair cut that made her look even smaller and showed her long tail off. I was immediately proud to have her as apart of my family and shortly after her nicknames became “cherie” (French) and “Cher-bear”, along with “fuzz-face” and “monkey”. She’s an Affenpinscher breed, and was well-known in Europe as a ratter and is known as the ‘monkey-face’ breed. According to our local (and not-so-local) PetSmart, the affenpinscher is extremely rare in Canada as well as the States. I’m proud to have her as a member of my family and wanted to share this little piece of my family with you.
She loves to roll around on the carpet in the living room, then pounce on her mom to give her a shock. She loves long walks, playing “Ready, Set, Go!” or “Un, deux, trois!” Where she waits until you say ‘GO!’ and then runs around like a total spazz before coming back for the next round. She likes to play tag, and loves long naps under the blankets with her mom. (I always let her curl up under the covers with me, no matter what!) She is the first dog I’ve ever had the pleasure of welcoming into my family and is spoiled absolutely rotten! She’s well-trained and quickly learned the ‘snap program’, where I don’t even have to say a thing. I can snap my fingers and she’ll come, or I can snap my fingers and point and she’ll go where she’s told. She loves Dentastix, the blow-dryer and sticking her head out the window when we drive, but loathes baths and even hates going out for walks when it’s raining. 🙂
She loves posing for her photographer mom, and has a great personality that shows in her photos! She’s an amazing dog,
From a super-proud mom,
Remy D.

One year old
Nicosia, Cyprus
Angel is one of my four cats. Our vet told us they were Persian, however probably it’s a mix (Persian and something else. Angel is one of the best cats we have ever had. The kittens’ mother abandoned them when they were young and we took on the responsibility to raise them. She is friendly with everyone and it doesn’t take too much for her to purr, she enjoys every and any attention. She takes care of her two sisters and brother by cleaning them where they can’t and hangs out with all cats. In her own innocent and playful way she keeps our home clean from any pests. Sometimes she gets us worried when she’s out in the neighborhood but we are glad to see her come back every time!


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