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Thursday’s Crew for 9/13/12

Posted on: September 13, 2012

Tonks was found in an abandoned crab trap in northern Florida. She was the runt of the litter and wandered away most likely to find food, or explore, which she definitely likes doing. Now she spends her days napping, torturing her dog roommate from under the door, and playing with her many toys. Her favorite past time is to walk on my computer and swat at the cursor whenever it moves. She loves to surprise attack us but when that gets old, she is a great snuggler. She’s two months old and still has some weight to put on, but that will be easy since she loves to eat (especially chicken that my boyfriend sneaks her when I’m not looking)!

Penny Lane (welsh springer spaniel)
We are so in love with Penny Lane, a sweet little Welsh Springer Spaniel. She stays true to her “Velcro” breed and is the best helper in the kitchen and is always right by our side. She is very smart and loves to do tricks to get treats. We look forward to watching her grow into a beautiful adult.

Fourteen years old
Irish mix horse
Lund, Sweden
I’d like to honor my pony Günter a.k.a. Gunnar, ’cause he’s the coolest, smartest and bravest horse I know! He is born in 1997 and is some sort of Irish mixture. What I love about him is that he always makes me happy – even when I’m angry at him. He can yawn and “kiss” when you tell him to and if you have a carrot he can bow too. We live in Sweden, the southernmost part, and he lives at and is owned by Torns RF in Lund, but he is sort of mine because I’ve “hired” him for more than four years now. He loves all sort of food; carrots, apples, muffins, bread etc. and once he swallowed a lollipop with the stick still on it!
I ride him four times a week and every day during the holidays. He doesn’t have any favorite gait, he likes to stand still. Yes, he just stands there and looks at you and you’re just “okay, do you want an apple?” He is extremely lazy. But he likes to ride out on the fields – that is much better for him! He is not a big fan of dressage … would rather just hang out. But I love him! He is the most crazy, lazy and funniest horse I’ve ever met!

One and a half years old
Border Collie, Greyhound mix
Auckland, New Zealand
Sasha is one of the best dogs I’ve ever owned, she is a Border Collie/Greyhound mix and definitely one of a kind! She’s very hyper active and loves walks so much to the point where if she even hears the sound of her lead she runs to the door just waiting for me to walk her! You can definitely see her Border Collie side and she just loves to jump on me and lick me to death!
She is very, very smart! She can memorise our walk pattern even if you have only walked that way one to two times. I like to go a different way a lot and she will try to go the way she has just learned. She is one out of three of my dogs I own and only she has been able to do this, and she is very protective of me. She is in love with my neighbour’s German Shepherd, who she sees and plays with all the time! She is more of an outside dog as she prefers it that way, but she is very special to my family and to me. I could not imagine my life without having her here!

Four months old
Barcelona, Spain
Mishi is my first cat. I have loved cats since I was very young but my dad didn’t let me have one, but finally we decided to adopt Mishi. She was 2 months old when she arrived home, she was very curious from the start. I love everything she does: the way she sleeps, the way she looks at me with her big eyes, the way she cuddles into me … all of it!
She’s so special for me and every time she goes outside (but just in the garden, she doesn’t go out of my yard, don’t worry) I’m really worried because I can’t sleep at night without her by my side. In fact, she is more worried about not finding me because, even though she likes to play outside, she doesn’t like to be alone. I think what makes Mishi special is her capacity of playing with everything she finds: pens, necklaces, books, boxes, and bags. It’s really funny seeing her playing with a bag, she hides in it and she can be there for hours, but if you try to touch the bag … surprise! Mishi bites you! I love my little monster, even if she bites me.


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