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Saturday’s Crew for 9/15/12

Posted on: September 15, 2012

Burrito had a really rough start in life–his whole litter was abandoned by a feral mom, and he was the only survivor. Found chilled, dehydrated, and with two terrible bite wounds, he had many close calls in his first weeks. But he’s a fighter! Now he’s almost four months old and doing great. This is how I carried him around with me when he was itty bitty, and how he got his name.

Lincoln (unknown mix)
This is Lincoln. I adopted him from the SPCA in Aiken, South Carolina, where I was told he was a boxer mix. Upon a recent vet visit he became an Australian shepherd mix … or, as I like to say, an ‘SPCA Special’. He is going on 5 months now and is fitting in nicely after leaving the shelter. He is a quick learner! Within 5 minutes of being home he learned how to sit. Days later he was rolling over for treats. He is a little shy, but is a wonderful pup.

Seven years old
Florida, USA
This is my Cockatiel, Archimedes, he lives with his girlfriend/cagemate, Odette. I’ve owned both of them since they were babies. Since Archimedes is a male and Odette is a female, Archimedes is the one who does most of the whistling. He can “wolf whistle”, “call the dog”, “give kisses”, say “pretty bird”, whistle his own random mix of songs, dance, and several other tricks as well. He is very playful and entertaining!
He loves playing with his toys, grooming and being groomed by Odette, looking at himself in the mirror, and munching on millet seeds. When he is out of his cage, he is very curious about his surroundings. He is shy around most people when he is out of his cage but loves hanging out undisturbed. In his cage he will sing and dance whenever anyone gets close. His best trick is dancing. He will mimic movements such as head bobbing, rocking back and forth, etc. and will also show the underside of his wings on command. He also knows the “step up” command. I have had dogs and cats in my room and I’m pretty sure he has tried to mimic barking and meowing before. He also mimics the telephone, which is pretty amusing! When I’m listening to music, he will let me know which songs he likes and doesn’t like. Some he will whistle along with and others he ignores completely.
Watch Archimedes in his videos Archimedes Being Goofy and Archimedes Whistling.

Five years old
American Pit Bull Terrier
Alabama, USA
This has got to be the most lucky dog we have ever met. We got her from the flea market one day, even though we hadn’t considered getting a pet anyway, but oh well. It turns out, she had an autoimmune disorder, and would have flare-ups with seizures, in which we rushed her to the vet, and it ended in costing us a very large amount of money in the end.
This happened several times, and just before she was on death’s door, and my mother was about to just have her put down, my dad stepped in and told then not to, and in the end, she was perfectly fine after a treatment of $5 dollar steroids.
She’s eaten jeans, collars (all but the plastic/metal part), side paneling from our laundry room, insulation from our laundry room, bushes, bubbles, ice, and many other things. We try to give her good things to chew on, as we do not want her getting sick!
She’s scared of the dark, where, if you leave her in a room, no lights are on, the TV’s off (we let her sleep inside), so that it’s pitch black, she will not stay in there. She’s also strangely scared of blimps. Yes. BLIMPS. We’ve had them fly over our house before, and she was running around, trying to hide under our shed, and was running hiding behind my dad.
And she’s also scared of baths. When she hears the words, she runs to the back door. Lately she’s been worried whenever my mom comes around and she goes straight for the back door, just in case. But we love her just the way she is, quirks and all.

Seven months old
Ginger Cat
Wagga Wagga, New South Wales, Australia
This is an image I captured of my special little man, Taco. He has the sweetest kitten meow, especially when he wants to be fed. He has been nicknamed “The Purr Monster” for just how much he purrs, even when not being petted. The most adorable thing about Taco is during play time; His pupils dilate from excitement and he likes to wiggle his butt just before he pounces on his favorite mouse toy.
Taco is a very gentle and loving tabby cat. He has a rather mixed personality; switching between wanting to sit on the lounge for cuddles, and being a moody little kitten that just wants to go outside and chase moths. Taco is scared of other human interaction apart from me and my partner, it’s really cute to watch him come bounding home when the neighbors car pulls into the driveway. When Taco isn’t face deep in the food bowl, he can be found curled up on the lounge/floor/against a wall in the shape of a doughnut. Taco is only a kitten and likes to believe he is independent to some extent, but he knows my partner and I are always here when he needs some babying. Taco is one of the most vocal kittens I have ever heard, literally meowing for any reason, just to get some attention. He likes to believe he is the life of the party.


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