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Sunday’s Crew for 9/16/12

Posted on: September 16, 2012

Kitty climbs, claws, cavorts, curls and kisses 24/7. She loves to lick and play-bite me and anyone who visits. Kitty takes her role in life very seriously… to play with her three red mice, to chase balls all over the house and to wrestle into submission her stuffed bird, frog.and rabbit. When these chores are done, she will play on her cat furniture. Finally Kitty will curl up sound asleep next to me… building up energy for another round of rollicking robust fun.

Lola (labrador retriever mix)
Hi, I’m Lola! I am a Labrador Retriever mix with a spunky personality. I live in Vermont with my mom where we go on tons of adventures. Some of my favorite things to do are hiking, playing at the beach, car rides and going for long walks where everyone I meet becomes my new best friend! But, while I love my adventures I’m a homebody at heart. I really enjoy curling up at home with Mom and chewing on anything I can get my little puppy paws on. My mom calls me a princess, but that’s because she knows I run the house!

Three years old
Albino African Pygmy Hedgehog
Surabaya, East Java, Indonesia
Milkiey is my first hedgehog, and how lucky I am to have him! He’s exceptionally sweet and loving, considering the typical nervous hedgehog. He roamed free in my dorm room for two years. He’s an adventurer and always curious, so he didn’t really do well being handled. He’d like to explore you instead! He can be so energetic at night, but after a good run, he’d return to the comfy blanket we shared, and sleep beside, or on me.
He love toilet paper rolls, boxes, and trousers. Often I wake up in the morning and found him sleeping inside my trousers instead of our blanket. He also nips -only play nips, on certain parts: thumbs, toes, and nose.
Milkiey and I have very similar personality. We change moods often, we’re both can grumpy and have some bad-mood days, and at the other days can be loving and cuddly. We love trying out new treats, but one try is always enough for us. We love to snuggle together under the blanket instead of doing activity.
His little trademark is his left ear that had been bitten by his former cagemate. It had healed up but never grow back, and Milkiey isn’t any little bit bothered by it.

Five months old
Beagle mix
Daniels, West Virginia, USA
This is Roxanne although we all call her Roxy. She is a mixed breed, allegedly part Beagle, we adopted from the Animal Shelter. Roxy has just turned five months old and she loves to romp and play outside. This photo was taken on a weekend holiday near Zenith, West Virginia but she lives with her family in Daniels.
Roxy is very affectionate and doesn’t like for anyone else to be shown attention while she is in the room. She hates to be alone. Her favorite game currently is fetch which she recently caught on to. Her current repertoire of tricks include sit, shake and tag. Tag usually involves her stealing your socks and making you catch her to get them back. We love her a lot.

Three months old
Calico Cat
North Carolina, USA
This little monster is completely insane. She’ll run around chasing, biting, or pouncing on everything whether it be in the night, afternoon, or three in the morning. She even jumped onto the bird cage from the dining table and nearly scared them half to death! She loves to be involved with whatever you’re doing and will go to great ends to be with you. She is incredibly stubborn and it takes several times to get an idea of she’s not supposed to do into her head. She loves to sit on the laptop because of its warm body and whenever she’s sitting on my lap or near me when I’m using the computer I have to be careful she doesn’t crawl onto it because it’ll mess everything up! She’s very hyperactive, though it’s typical for a kitten her age, but I love her dearly.
Well, Athena likes to sleep with me in my bed. I have a pillow that I don’t use that I give her to sleep on. She absolutely loves to play fight. Whenever she’s in a play mood and I put my hand near her, she loves to attack it and pretend it’s prey. She has a really high jump as well. She loves to chase bugs around and try to get them out of thin air. One time, she actually jumped up and caught a fly in her mouth as it was flying. She also nearly got stung by a wasp on the patio because of her curiosity.
Athena also has this little mouse toy that makes squeak noises and lights up. I would throw it and she’ll chase after it. Then she’ll bring it back in her mouth and I’ll throw it again. She’s like a little dog! I love her!


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