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Thursday’s Crew for 9/20/12

Posted on: September 20, 2012

We rescued Squirmy and her two siblings when they were two days old after a dog attacked their mother. Unfortunately her two siblings didn’t make it but Squirmy is such a little fighter, we nearly lost her twice but she pulled through and now seven weeks later she is a rambunctious, courageous, brave and really pretty little kitten. She loves exploring and playing and her favourite toy is her bull-mastiff sister Rogue who just lies lies there while Squirmy leaps off her back and plays with her tail. Rogue is a great surrogate mother to Squirmy and when she was only a few days old and very constipated, Rogue would stimulate Squirmy and got her to go toilet. They are joined at the hip now and best friends. Squirmy sleeps on Rogues back when she’s not sleeping upside down in her cat tree. Squirmy also loves the laptop and whenever we are using it, she will walk across the keypad and normally switch it off with her little paws. I think its her way of telling us, “more playtime please!”

Hi, my name is Honey. I am a Bichon mixed with Mountain Fiest. I love to chew, chew, chew anything I can get my little puppy teeth on (including my mom’s ankles). I also love to go to the puppy park and play with all the other little dogs like me. When I’m home, I love to sit in the backyard with Mom. I also love to chase the squirrels. My mom keeps telling me I’ll never catch them because they’re fast and they can climb trees, but I don’t believe her. I know one day I’ll get one!! I’ll be a year old next month and I can’t wait to see what Mom buys me for my first birthday. I’m sure it’ll be more toys to add to my ever growing toy chest. My mom loves me to pieces and can’t imagine life without me!

Seven years old
Stockholm, Sweden
Felix is special for me, because he’s been there since I was a little kid. He’s always been here for me and making me laugh, doing crazy and funny things, even when I’m sad. Hes like my big brother, (even thought he’s younger than me) and I care about him a lot. He’s always been a part of the family in his own little way, and has his own moods too. Like if we have been at the countryside, he’s mad at us for leaving him alone for “too long” (even if it just was over a night). Also, if you take his things away from him, even just to clean them, he will get mad, too. He also does crazy noises, and as he’s a bird we “taught” him to talk, like making bird-like noises that sounded diffirent depending on waht mood we were in. So I always know if he’s happy or angry!
I hope you all find him as amazing as I do! I love him!

Three years old
Bernese Mountain dog
Quebec, Canada
We adopted this handsome boy almost two years ago now. He was in a pound about to be euthanized. Someone had abandoned him there, but the night before Christmas, a rescue we had dealt with in the past called us and asked us if we would be willing to save a one-year-old Bernese from death row. We couldn’t refuse! He’s been with us for two years now. What a great dog he turned out to be. Here he is watching over our new chickens, that’s what he does when he’s not running around with Winston, our other rescued berner. Drake is also special to us as it turned out that his birth date is the same day/year that our previous dog died. That day an angel was gone, but a new one was born, and he found his way to us.
Drake is a playful dog, with a mind of his own. He’s a handsome boy and he knows it! He loves to play tug of war with his “brother” Winston, and of course he must always win.
We tried to teach him a few things, like fetch or roll, but in his mind, he’s way too handsome and doesn’t need to do these things to get attention. He does give paws, and does “Hi fives.” I don’t know if it can be considered as a trick, but he’s the best catcher I know when it comes to treats! He’ll never miss! He’s also very easy going and always available when we need to do some light testing in the studio.
He really enjoys greeting all our clients at the store. With Drake’s manners of course, he just goes to people, walks around them like a king among his subjects, and then just sits and waits, as if to say, “you know… you’re suppose to pet me now and say how beautiful I am!”
He loves water. Even in the spring, when it’s still cold but there are potholes everywhere, he looks for creeks and goes to lie down in one! Even with icebergs floating around him, it doesn’t bother him! He’s happy! And I think he enjoys finding the dirtiest ones, especially right after I gave him a bath. He’s a scientist, too. He tried to lick a toad once, and he confirmed: they don’t taste good!
In the house, he’s never very far from us. He’s a good toe-warmer in the evening, he’s always supervising me when I’m cooking (just in case I drop something). We can’t be late to work, because he comes to tell us when we’re late to feed him in the morning.
But above all, I think what makes him special is really his aristocratic attitude and his big heart. He’s a great dog, and he knows it!

Eight years old
Johannesburg, South Africa
Oz is the master of our home – as all cats always are, and the way it should be! He was raised with his canine brother and sister, and so seems a a bit confused – behaving like a cat, and also behaving like a dog occasionally.
He is a big boy and likes his food, but is lithe and supple enough to fit through the cat flap in the bathroom window that leads to his territory in the back yard, where he terrorises and captures the occasional mouse and bird.
Oz follows me around when I am home and loves to go out to the front of the house, and roll in the leaves and dirt! But when we want him safe and secure in the house, we merely call him and, after a typical cat stretch and yawn, he comes trotting over- like a tame dog. He is my boy – and we are the best of mates.


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