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Friday’s Crew for 9/21/12

Posted on: September 21, 2012

A coworker rescued Princess as a tiny kitten, but was unable to keep her. I adopted her four months ago. She has brought so much joy to our home. She’s also brought new life to my fourteen year old Siamese cat, Duchess. My daughter and I love her dearly and are enjoying watching her grow!

Hi, my name is Ray and I am a boxer / pit mix. I am my mommy and daddy’s Ray of sunshine and I hope I can be yours too! I love being outside and running through the hiking trails near my house, although sometimes my legs trip me up. I love being around people and playing with my dog friends. I am growing fast and starting to take up most of my parents’ bed!

Eight years old
Quarter Horse
This is Celedon, also known as Arguounat. We call her Celadon, but because of her skills she got nicknamed Arguounat in shows after the famous show horse!
I saved her from dying. When her owners abandoned her in an old meadow, they left her to starve. I took her in, and looked after her, I didn’t know the people who left her there, but I found her.
Me and my friends were out riding down the gravel road. We decided to take a break in the meadow up near there, and when we got there we saw the young mare. She was about five or six years old, we figured. We saw she had been starved, so me and my friends let her come to us and we fed her apples and oats we brought for our horses. We gave her water to quench her thirst. Then I took her to my parents, and they allowed me to keep her, so I did. I called the vet to make sure she wasn’t sick, or hurt. Once the vet said she was okay, I fed her, and looked after her. She was very happy to be cared for again. Once she was a lot better I trained her a bit each day, only because she had hurt her tendon, and I didn’t want to aggravate that! And we even started showing together.
Celedon still lives today. She is now about eight years old, and she will never be sold, and never be given away, Due to what happened to her last time. She only trusts me and my friends, the ones who looked after her. She does well in shows and is just a beautiful horse. This is the true story of how we found her. She looks so much healthier now.

One and a half years old
Scottish Terrier
Vandergrift, Pennsylvania, USA
This is Daisy’s Midnight Nova – that’s her show name, but her call name is Nova. What makes Nova special is she’s my everything dog. I can take her to an agility trial and the same day take her to a nursing home. At just a year old she passed her TDI (Therapy Dogs International) and CGC (Canine Good Citizen) tests. She’s a successful agility and therapy dog. She loves to play with her dam and sire as well as her best friend Bella, who is a Bullmastiff. She may enjoy playing, but she’s also perfectly content to just lay on your lap and cuddle. She also helps me do a dog safety course once a month with her mother.
Nova loves to play fetch and dig. She has a blast chasing rats, mice, and snakes in our field. She doesn’t have to stay on a leash. I can take her hiking in the woods and a rabbit will run right under her nose and she won’t move a muscle unless I tell her its ok. She has a luxating patella, but she doesn’t let it slow her down in the least. You wouldn’t even know she had it except for an occasional hop on hard ground. She was defiantly the right pick of the litter for me. If I could go back and get a different pup from the litter I wouldn’t! She is my girl.

Five months old
Southwest France
My Sanka is more than a pet for me, I can say that he’s part of the family. He was born just two days after my Boyfriend and I get our first apartment together. Of all his brothers and sisters, he was the shyest, and he was very clumsy … but that was making him even more adorable. It wasn’t planned for us to have cat at that moment, but I fell in love with this little fur ball. The first three weeks we brought him home, Sanka was always stuck to me like he was a little lost, always sleeping on me, following me in every room, scratching the doors that was closes and meowing ’til I opened them (well, he still does it, but not as often and not with the same ferocity).
He’s the king of greetings when I come back from a rough day of work, he’s like a purr machine waiting for cuddles (and a little for food, yes, of course). He just loves cuddles. He doesn’t like being alone so he’s always where I am whatever I do! By the way, one thing he loves is watching me clean his litter (Like he was supervising I’m doing it right!). Sanka rarely sleeps alone, most of the time he sleeps between my boyfriend and I – or over my head on the pillow. He loves to play, everything that moves is a game, and he loves hunting, too. He cleans my apartment of flies and others. He is also very talkative, always meowing.
I could write a list of what makes him so special, but it would take days and days! Sanka is my little baby, I think I never loved a pet this way. I hope he has a long life, and I’ll do everything I can to assure this! He’s only five months, and it already seems as if I have known him for years!


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