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Saturday’s Crew for 9/22/2012

Posted on: September 22, 2012

Luna and Nala
This is Luna and Nala. They are Buttons’ younger sisters.
I was visiting my boyfriend in Colorado when we decided to visit the local animal shelter and look at dogs since I had been wanting one for a while. Just as we were about to leave, we saw these two adorable faces staring out at us from a cage at the front of the building. We instantly fell in love.
We were talking it over and were only going to get one – we didn’t want Buttons to feel too overwhelmed. But, being the cat lover I am, I couldn’t choose between the two. I ended up just saying “What the heck?” and took both home with me.
Thankfully, my boyfriend didn’t mind.
Needless to say, Buttons wasn’t too happy about the intrusion of another kitten; she was even less happy to find out that there were TWO new members of the family.
We now refer to them as “the twins” since even now, seven months later, they still look exactly the same except for their nose coloring.
I took this picture shortly after we got home the first night. The green on Luna’s nose is from the disinfectant from her and her sister’s spay sites. They had been spayed shortly before they found us and were curious enough to get it all over themselves. I still think it just adds to the cuteness.

and this would be their sister Buttons

Winston (briard)
Hi everyone! My name is Winston. I am a new member of the family. I am super fluffy, love to play, and my favorite pastime is to cuddle with my mommy. I have already been through a lot of training thanks to my wonderful mom, who wants me to grow up to be a therapy dog so I can visit children who are in the hospital. My colors will change a lot throughout my life. So most likely I will be all blonde with a black beard when I am all grown up, and weigh about 100 pounds. I know that anyone that comes over to my home is there to see me, which is why I get so excited. Every couple of weeks my mommy gets me great new toys to play with.

Winston with a friend

Two years old
Quaker Parrot
New Braunfels, Texas, USA
Cowboy loves to hang out in my room when I’m doing homework and fall asleep on my leg. He also loves to be in the conversation and to walk around to strut his stuff for all to see!
Cowboy is very independant, but he loves to be in any conversation even if it’s upstairs. Sometimes when he is walking around he will come to you when you call out his name, but not always. One thing is he loves to sit on peoples’ feet and nip at their boots. Cowboy and the rabbit are unfortunately not friends, for some reason they don’t like each other. But I was able to get that shot out of pure luck, it was Christmas time so I guess they put their differences aside for the holidays! I love my little Cowboy!

Cowboy and rabbit

Two and a half years old
Pembroke Corgi
Kinsey, Alabama, USA
This is Connor Bowden Purvis, Connor for short! Connor is the most loving dog. He has two sets of puppies living with him and he is the most gentle, loving, playful father. He loves to play tug of war with his daughter, Claire.
He also loves College football as much as his owners do. He barks like crazy when we hollar “Go Noles” or “War Eagle”. Connor is a very laid back dog. He doesn’t bark a lot. He loves to be around his dad, but, he goes nuts when his mom comes home from work.
Connor is also very open to almost everyone. He loves attention and seeks it out, whenever we are out on the town. Connor loves to play frisbee and he is very good at it. He is a good boy!

Eleven weeks old
American Shorthair, Maine Coon
Burlington, Vermont, USA
This is my new kitten Loki, and she is a hell-raiser. She loves to get dirty and play in her litter box. Her favorite things include backpacks, sandals and crinkle caves. Her best friend is a fat orange cat named Murphy. She walks on a leash and loves to climb the gravestones in the cemetery by my house. She never lets me do any work on my computer, and if I ignore her she climbs onto my keyboard. She is only eleven weeks old but causes so much ruckus, she really fits her name- Loki.
I’ve had cats before. I’m in college right now and I have three cats back home. (My home is near my college so I see them a lot, but they aren’t in my apartment so I am lonely without a cuddly cat!) I just moved into a new apartment. I figured a kitten would be good company for myself, my roommates, my boyfriend and his cat. My boyfriend’s cat was sort of lazy and not much fun so I decided a kitten would spark things up! My friend’s cat had just had kittens and she needed a home so Loki became mine. I went over and met her a few times then brought her home! She keeps me entertained (and never lets me do work) and has been playing with Murphy (my boyfriend’s cat) and he’s finally loosing some weight and is much more playful!
Life is peaceful for about an hour or so at a time when she is taking naps. It is impossible to use a broom with her around because she pounces on them and sits in the dirt pile. She really loves backpacks … especially the straps. She loves being active at three in the morning, which is when she decides that my hair is fun. She also loves stairs … she flings herself at them and then runs back! It’s adorable!

Loki and Murphy


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