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Tuesday’s Crew for 9/25/12

Posted on: September 25, 2012

This is my beautiful Lulubell. She is super feisty. She will cuddle up to you one minute and and be swatting you the next. She’s very vocal and will definitely let me know when she wants something. She was raised outdoors the first few weeks and now she’s in heaven being an indoor cat and sleeping in my warm cozy bed with me. She has hours of endless energy and a little attitude as well. I love her to pieces and the folks who had her wanted her at first but I’m thrilled they changed their minds.

Sydney (miniature schnauzer)
Hi, I’m Sydney(miniature schnauzer.) My parents are slow learners. I’ve been here almost 2 months and they still don’t understand they’re supposed to play with me 24/7. I’m working hard with them to love cotton balls and sticks as much as I do. I live close to Pittsburgh and am named after #87 of the Penguins.

One and a half years old
Michigan, USA
This is Sky. She’s a little firecracker, always keeps us on our toes. She’s still young so she’s got plenty of energy to burn where our older ferret likes to relax more, I’m sure she gets on his nerves sometimes, but he puts her in her place when she does bother him too much. She’s at least partially deaf, she does react to loud noises but they have to be loud. Because of her hearing she’s a very vocal little girl, she will dook and huff and puff while playing, hissing as well. She doesn’t cuddle very well, but she’s young yet and hasn’t mellowed out like her older brother Reaper.
She’s mostly independent, not one to cuddle and love on, though she loves riding around in the hood of my hoodies. She loves it when you pat the ground around her and roll her around during play. She can get very excited very easily when it comes to play and can go on and on. She’s young yet so is like a child. She can be kind of bratty sometimes when she doesn’t get to come out to play, throws tantrums like no other.
She likes to swim around in the tub if you fill it up enough when she gets her monthly bath. Sky’s a handful at times but I love her so she’s easy to forgive, even when she’s being a brat.
She’s a lucky little kit that our Reaper takes care of her the way he does. He certainly let’s her get away with a lot, but when she’s being extra annoying he’ll indulge her and play, and if she doesn’t stop when he’s done he’ll put her in her place!
I’m sure she’ll mellow out in a year or two. I hear most active ferrets like her calm down about three or four. She’s going on two. She walks well on her leash! Even though the harness makes her walk a little funny from her little front legs, even when fitted properly she’ll still walk odd when its on, but she’ll drag you around that’s for sure.
The other ferret in the picture of three of them drinking is Kie, she was our third ferret, we lost her back in late February to heart disease. She was a gorgeous silver girl, about five when she had to be put to sleep. The medication wasn’t really helping and she was suffering more than living so we had to let her go. I plan on getting a new ferret sometime in the future, hopefully a rescue ferret, to make them a trio again. Kie taught Sky a lot, she would play with her more than Reaper does.

Sky with Reaper and Kie

Six months old
Brazilian Terrier
Oslo, Norway
Bella is a bundle of energy and excitement, brightens every day of my life. Her joy from me just walking in the door is amazing and so uplifting! She is incredibly smart, she knows a lot of tricks: sit, down, roll over, paw, high five, wave goodbye, jump directly in my arms and she can fetch.
My family has had one other terrier before, that was a manchester terrier. That breed is very similar to the brazilian terrier in both temperament and body. I came across this breed when the breeder of our family dog suggested it to me. I started researching it and fell in love. When I met her I was completely sold. She is definitely affectionate and very much a momma’s girl. She prefers to stalk me around the house although she also loves to lay in the couch with my sister and nephew. She loves to play any kind of game and we often go to dog parks so that she can run freely. She is a little shy around new people and dogs, but after a while she warms up and runs around hoping for treats. She is very food oriented and therefore very easy to train. I work at a pet shop so she can come with me to work two days a week and she loves it. She must be the most spoiled dog ever because everyday at work she gets a new toy or treat. she loves fetching games the most because she likes to run and chase. Terriers are bred to hunt rats and other rodents so it’s in her blood to chase!

Three years old
Ontario, Canada
What makes Kai so special? Probably how he and his brother Tyson came into this world. See, their cat mom had hidden them in our barn’s hayloft and before they were old enough to take care of themselves, she was hit by a car. We tried to find them, but with no idea where she had hidden them, we feared the worst.
One morning, around the end of June, my mom was in the ground floor of the barn with my dog, just finishing putting the cattle outside when she heard what sounded like a mew from the hayloft. She went up, called out “hello” and out came Kai, followed by Tyson, out of the old chicken coop that we haven’t used in years. Kai, with no prior human contact, came right up to my mom, pretty much sitting on her feet, and started to mew. Naturally, my mom came to the house, warmed up some milk, got me, and we went to the barn to feed them.
Clearly, three years later Kai is doing fine (so is Tyson), even if he can be a bit of a lazy brat. He does not like to get much exercise, prefers lazing around, and eating, which is why we nicknamed him Fat Boy! But we love him!


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