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Saturday’s Crew for 9/29/12

Posted on: September 29, 2012

First we adopted two two-year old male cats, but on day two one of them attacked my face. I looked like a domestic violence victim with slashes and a black eye. He is now in a special foster program for “unadoptable” pets. We kept the other guy, Buddie, then went and got this sweet baby kitten from the same shelter. The first photo I ever took of her at the shelter, she was in the litter box. My husband walked up and we admired her knowledge of how to cover the poop… good kitty… but then she stepped in it. Just a baby. She doesn’t do that anymore, and she just learned to give me headbutts. The two cats get along famously. The first time they met, Buddie grabbed her and started licking. They play, sleep and eat together. Check out the cute toes Girlscouthas got.

Augeris a playful, loving Boston terrier puppy who enjoys sleeping, snuggling, and eating green beans. He is already learning some tricks too, so he is very smart. He loves to be outside and to roll around in the grass with his big dog friend, Harry. He can be a bit of a handful at times, but he is very sweet at times also. He is very happy, and he brings that happiness with him everywhere he goes.

Name: Cupcake
Age: One and a half years old
Gender: Female
Kind: American Teddy Guinea Pig
Home: The Netherlands
Hello there! This is my adorable Cupcake! Cupcake is one of the sweetest guinea pigs I have. I can do almost everything with her, she doesn’t mind a thing. She’s really my cuddle pig, although she have an eye problem; entropion. I have to take care of her eye every day but she still jumps around in the cage all happy, and does not let it bother her.
Cupcake is quite affectionate, calm and curious. She doesn’t know any tricks but she does know when there’s food to get (she’ll stand up against the cage). She often popcorns, that is the jumping around they do that means they’re happy! She has one unique thing and that’s that she chirps like a bird – not so many guinea pigs make this kind of sound but Cupcake is a guinea pig who does it!

Name: Wesley
Age: Five years old
Gender: Male
Breed: Boston Terrier
Home: Manchester, New Hampshire, USA
Wesley is spunky, animated and a good cuddlier. He knows several tricks and commands and enjoys running and rolling in the grass, pulling the stuffing out of stuffed toys, burying bones in the carpet (which results in facial rug burns) and chasing/popping those big plastic inflatable balls. He also enjoys playing tug of war with his little French bulldog sister Luna.
Wesley knows sit, stay, paw, other paw, high five, lay down, roll over, and he also knows the names of all his toys like wubba, leopard, ball, snake, Frisbee, etc.
He is probably the friendliest Boston Terrier. He gets overly excited when people come over and also when my boyfriend and I come home. He will sit on everyones lap because he thinks hes a lap dog. He likes to eat bugs and chase laser pointers and reflections like a cat. He sleeps in the bed with us most of the time right under the covers with us. He loves to show off and he loves attention. His nickname is Papa and he responds to that every time. If I say words like Grammy, or Luna, or kitty to him he tilts his cute little head and gets super excited. He loves car rides and hanging out the car window. We love him.

Name: Crusty
Age: Seven years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Maine Coon mix
Home: Dallas, Texas, USA
My cat’s name is Crusty Crustacean Crustacea. He is seven years old and part Maine Coon and part Siamese and part Alley Cat. He was born in Watsonville, California and now lives in Dallas, Texas.
My cat is special because he is orange and white with baby blue eyes. All the vet’s he’s seen say this an anomaly. He’s very silent most of the time, unless he’s hungry or wants to go in the back yard. On more adventurous days he patrols the neighborhood on the roof. Crusty only drinks water out of a running faucet and prefers lounging in window sills. He has been driven from California to Texas and it did not make him happy. He has a brother named Stache, who is a Hemingway (a.k.a. Polydactyl) with too much energy for Crusty. He eats organic food and roasted turkey without hormones, and he’s one of the biggest joys of my life. He may be a little spoiled, but he deserves it!
Crusty was not brought home with the intention of being mine because I’m allergic to cats. He was staying with me so they could finishing nursing by their mother. So, to differentiate him from his brothers and sister, my brother named him “Crusty” because his eyes were crusty. But then, I fell in love with with him and had to keep him (and upgrade his name)!
I worked at a rehab facility and he was born there from an alley cat, so I don’t know what he is. I always suspected he was Maine Coon in parts – but some vets have said he might have some Siamese in him? One interesting thing he did – was after I had a severe accident – he crawled up on my chest and just lay there. He never did that before or ever after.
I am so lucky to have him.


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