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Tuesday’s Crew for 10/2/12

Posted on: October 2, 2012

We got this Cutie about a year ago. We went to Wal Mart one Saturday and they had a group come in that was a shelter. And well we left with him. He is such a joy to be around. As you can see he loves boxes. Specially full tissue boxes. His name when we got him was just  Tuffy.  But a few weeks before a police officer in our state was killed and he always carried food in his patrol car. So we added the Joe. He is a lot of love and laughs to have around. We always wanted a Maine Coon Cat. So he was meant to be ours.

My name is Jack Sparrow, but most people call me Jack  (German shepherd.) I like to run outside, do tricks for treats, and play with my toys, but my favorite thing is chewing on Mommy and Daddy’s toes. My ears are starting to stand up, and I think that’s why the vet called me super handsome. My Mommy’s a photographer and makes me pose while she takes a billion pictures of me. I like to follow her around and lay down and sleep at her feet. My new favorite game is playing hide and seek under Mommy and Daddy’s bed. They keep telling me I won’t be able to fit under there for long.

Name: Nelly
Age: Five years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Standardbred
Home: Richmond, Ontario, Canada
This is a picture of my mare,  Nelly.  Nelly’s home is in Richmond, Ontario, on my grandfathers farm along with my two other horses, Licorice and Mae. Nelly is an off the track Standardbred who was sent to slaughter at the age of three after her racing career took a turn for the worse. She was fortunate enough to be rescued by a horse trader and that’s how she found me. When I purchased her she was severely underweight and lethargic. She was still wearing her racing shoes, poor thing.
Because Nelly was so underfed and hungry, she was mistaken for a quiet little horse, but now that she has regained her lost weight she has become a very silly and energetic young mare.
Nelly has since been retrained to ride and loves to work. She stamps her feet and paws the ground when she sees her saddle come out. She is now learning to canter on the lunge line and under saddle, we’re taking it in strides, but it’s getting there. We’ve even started to go out on trail rides! Nelly and Licorice, my eleven-year-old gelding. They get a long pretty well most of the time, except when there is a disagreement over hay! I’m so happy to have this young horse in my life, we’ve already taught each other a lot!

Name: Harlie Quinn
Age: Eleven months old
Gender: Female
Breed: Doberman mix
Home: Ohio, USA
My husband and I were at Petsmart dropping off our older dog to get bathed when I had seen the adoptable puppies a local shelter had there. While we were waiting for him to get washed we went and looked at the pups. We both fell in love with this little black and tan sleeping puppy. All the other ones were hyper and barking, but not her. I picked her up and and she just nuzzled into my chest and I knew I had to have her! And thus this little brat entered our lives. She is a Doberman/black and tan coonhound mix (we think).
Harlie Quinn  is an energetic, super smart, devious little girl. Within the first week of having her she learned sit, lay down, and gimme five, all at seven weeks! She loves to run around at the dog park, play in the mud and she loves playing fetch with her tennis balls. She thinks she’s a soccer superstar with them. She can now sit pretty, stay, come and many more tricks (as long as there is food involved, the little brat). And she likes to torture her big brother when he’s trying to sleep. She wrestles him, tackles him and even tries to sit on his head! She keeps us busy every single day and I wouldn’t change it for the world.

Name: Pepper Mint
Age: Three months old
Gender: Female
Kind: Cat
Home: Kiowa, Kansas, USA
Introducing  Pepper Mint.  Pepper was originally one of four kittens on the verge of being sent off to a farm; made to live on their own with the hopes that they’d live. The farm would be unknown and probably abandoned, so there was a high chance of them being eaten within days of going there. Because I’m not so cruel, I took it upon myself to find the little angels homes. Turns out mine was one.
The “weekend kitty” was supposed to be a test to see how well my boyfriend would like a new cat. He’s not a big fan, and has already had to learn to live with my older two. Weekend kitten was a huge success; he wanted to name her the first night. (And all of this was from someone who, as a child, was allergic to cats.) Keeping in tradition with my other pets, having candy names, we had a hard time finding a name to fit her personality. For a good 24 hours she was called Twix, we loved the nick name Twixi. It was a bit hard for me to actually say though, so with the help of my mother we came up with Peppermint. Pepper … What a name for a kitten with that much spunk!
There is no end to this little girl’s bountiful energy and love. She can’t go a moment without being curled up next to someone kneading away with her little paws. Heck, she’ll even knead the air if she sees fit. It only took three days, and already she’s our little girl.
Pepper is an amazing little ball of joy, who has wormed her way into our hearts. There is still a little bit of training to be done (mainly involving the difference in litter box vs. House plant) and of course “my plate is not your plate” .. But she’s a smart little thing. Her new big sister Candy Cane and big brother Gumdrop should help teach her the ropes quite well.


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