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Wednesday’s Crew for 10/3/12

Posted on: October 3, 2012

Sagwa  was found abandoned inside our yard with her brothers and sisters when my dog chased Mama Cat away. We bundled the little ones in a cardboard box outside so that Mama Cat would return to take them. Mama Cat came back and only took two away and left Sagwa and her sister in the box. Unfortunately, one night something attacked the box and Sagwa’s sister died. My mother was not fond of cats but I had insisted that we take Sagwa in to care for her. She was two weeks old then. Now she’s a healthy overactive (and slightly aggressive) two month old who has worked her way into our family’s hearts.

Hi everyone! My name is Reggie and I’m the silliest French Bulldog you’ll ever meet. I’m also really cute…and I’m well aware of it! Taking naps is my favorite thing to do, and I make my mom and dad laugh a lot because I snore so loudly. I can’t help it; I’m a sleepy little guy! If you have a treat for me, I’ll be happy to give you a high five for it. In case you couldn’t tell, I’m a big ear fanatic. If you let me get near yours, I will lick them clean!

Name: Teddy
Age: One and half months old
Gender: Female
Kind: Teddy Guinea Pig
Home: Leidschendam, Netherlands
Teddyis a very sweet guinea pig, quite quiet most of the time. But when there’s food in the game she is very active, running through the cage and stealing food from my other guinea pigs. Her favorite foods are cucumber, pepper and chicory. She is also fond of grass. She is very kindly to other guinea pigs, she would never hurt one. She’s also very calm when I lift her up, so I can pet and brush her easily. She makes those little humming noises then, which means she really likes it. She is just a month and a half old now, and I have had her now for around two weeks, living in a big cage with my other two guinea pigs Booboo and Whity. I didn’t taught her any tricks yet, but Teddy is a smart guinea pig so I’m sure she will learn a lot of things as time goes on!

Name: Mitra
Age: Ten years old
Gender: Male
Breed: Golden Retriever
Home: Istanbul, Turkey
Mitra has been my best friend for ten years now. It’s been ten years, and every single time we take him out for a walk (twice a day, every day) and every single time we feed him (also twice a day, every day) he gets as excited as if it’s the first time. On our walks, he collects stones on the streets, he loves them even more than balls! When it’s time to take a bath, he always pretends to sleep. And when he pretends to sleep, there is one way of knowing it. “Mitra, come and let me scratch you!” He loves it when a human scratches his body from end to end. He can’t resist it.
Ten years ago, when a family friend of ours told us that her dog had delivered nine puppies, we were very eager to pay a visit and play with them. Mitra was one of the puppies and he was looking for a home of his own. My dear mother was very hesitant about adopting him, because she knew it was a huge responsibility and she knew she would be very attached to him. But we knew we would take the best care of him so she couldn’t let Mitra go.
Mitra always loved mom the best! They were always playing hide and seek and fetch and pull the rope. He loved listening to mom’s stories with his big eyes, trying to understand every mimic and every word.
We lost my dear mother six months ago. We were shattered. Mitra couldn’t even stand up for a day. I knew right then that I had to go on. Being there for Mitra has made me hold on to life. We are the biggest support in each other’s lives. I always know what’s on his mind and he is always well aware of my feelings, too. Spending our time together is the best therapy and I’m happy to see him smiling again.

Name: Emily
Age: Two years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Domestic Shorthair
Home: Lubbock, Texas, USA
Emily will always be special because she was our family’s first pet. And she won us over so completely that we just kept adding cats. Luckily, Emily loves feline company.
We met Emily at the age of six months at a vet’s office where she had been living for several months awaiting adoption. They had captured her as a feral kitten living in their alley. She was extremely shy, being held tight by the vet tech both times we met her (otherwise she would have hidden.) We met two younger, outgoing, playful male kittens that day and the staff tried to steer us toward them. But it was hard for me to resist the scared, pretty gray cat who was starting to look more like an adult than a kitten … And still needed a home.
We set Emily up in a spacious laundry room with everything she needed. She hid under a blanket in her carrier during the day, but came out at night. We sat in the room and read aloud so she would get used to our voices and we thrilled at the sight of a nose or paw peeking out from under the blanket. On the morning of day three she came out to check out a string I dragged across her field of vision and we ended up playing for an hour.
Playtime was key for connecting with Emily and we delighted in her fierce predator within. Getting a taste of the wild in your own living room was an unexpected benefit of cats that we found ourselves really enjoying.
Having never lived in a home, she was scared of things like the television until she adjusted. I’m always amazed that she was never frightened of our two school-aged sons, even in their rambunctious moments. In fact, the youngest got the first “nose bump” greeting that Emily ever gave us. She likes to supervise my mothering tasks. I always suppose it’s a female thing.
Emily wasn’t too fond of petting at first but over a period of six months she warmed up to affection and we heard her first purrs. She now requests affection and leads us to her safe spot (the master bathroom rug) where she rolls, purrs and enjoys lots of petting. Though our boy cats are more cuddly in the classic sense, Emily is the first to curl up next to me or even on my lap if I am sitting still to read a book for a while.
Since Emily was so shy when she got here, I can’t help but be pleased that she communicates her wishes to us so clearly. She will request playtime or snack with a meow, then a dance (video link included.) If you don’t get the message she will politely employ her teeth or claws. I pretend to be offended, but am secretly tickled at her communication skills.
We are so glad for the chance to get to know and care for this wonderful cat.


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