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Tuesday’s Crew for 10/9/12

Posted on: October 9, 2012

This is Mokoto the day we got her, a resuced kitten from Abaco Island in the Bahamas. Her previous owners were about to drown her and her two sisters in a well when the Humane Society down there stepped in. As a foster for her, both my Mom and I fell in love and now she’s a member of our family.

Hello, my name is Bowie;  Bow for short. I’m 14 weeks old and I’m a Belgian Tervuren. I have 2 big brothers. Winston, a 16 year old Pug who smells funny and doesn’t like to play with me and Arrow, my bestest friend, a 5 year old mix breed. Mom says we go together like, well, a Bow and Arrow. I’m teething right now and love to chew everything. Mom has had to hide all the shoes because they’re my favorite. Yum! Mom says someday I’ll be an Agility dog. I don’t know what that means but it sounds fun. And mom also says because I’m not scared of things, like most Tervs, I might be a Therapy Dog someday like my brother Arrow. I sure hope so!

Name: Lea
Age: 23 years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Welsh, Morgan Horse
Home: South Carolina, USA
This is my horse Lea,  and well, ours is a long story. Lea was the very first horse I have ever had, she is 23 years old and is still with me. She is a Welsh/Morgan Cross (specifically a Welsh Horse Section B and Morgan Horse mix).
Everyone who Lea meets says she is one of the sweetest horses and one of the best behaved equines they have ever seen. Several people have offered to buy her but I have never had the heart to let her go. Lea is the favorite of her vet and farrier, she takes shots without moving a muscle and stands extremely still and relaxed when the farrier works on her hooves. She has been used as both a lesson horse and a private competition horse.
Today, when I was saddling her up, I discovered she is becoming swaybacked, a condition in horses where there spine sinks and their back becomes sunken in, therefore requiring immense amounts of padding just so that you can ride her. Her sway back is not that bad yet, but it still isn’t the best news. Lea has saved my life many times, too many times to count. She once saved me from a rapid dog, when I was stranded in a national park. I have had Lea since she was about eighteen or nineteen years old. She is one of the best horses I have ver had in my entire life. She puts on her own halter and bridle, she can bow/pray. She can jump, dance, and barrel race. She is definitely one of the most amazing horses I have ever met. She is easily adaptable and she often follows me of her own accord, and stands politely to be groomed and saddled. She is loved by all and is my best friend, she has been there for me through thick and thin and I could never replace the spot she has in my heart.

Name: Quincy, Gideon
Age: One, three years old
Gender: Male
Breed: Shetland Sheepdogs
Home: Quebec, Canada
Hi, my name is Lori and my Shetland Sheepdog’s names are Gideon  (the sable) and Quincy  (the blue merle). My boys are so wonderful! They are closer than brothers. They love to play and run together and they snuggle up with me, one on each side, at night! They make every day a sunny day filled with love.
Quincy is my blue boy, he’s more reserved but a real momma’s boy! He loves to greet me with a high five when I come home. At night, before we go to bed, he likes to play curtsies and flip on his back so I rub his belly! Gideon was given to me by my friends for my 50th birthday! He comes from the same breeder as Quincy, I would check her website to see her puppies and I fell in love with Gideon. I even named him. My best friends knew this and reserved him from the breeder as Santa’s Special Elves and presented his picture to me with “Happy Birthday Mommy, Gideon,” printed on it! I couldn’t believe it! It was a real dream come true! Gideon will always be my special gift!
Quincy and Gideon slept curled up together the very first night and have been close every day since! They play tag every day and when we go for walks they lean on each other and are perfect gentlemen!
When Gideon saw that Quincy flipped every night, he started to do the same thing!! They both like to play ball, Quincy catches it in his mouth and Gideon retrieves it and brings it back to me so we can do it over and over and over.
They are the sweetest little dogs, I love waking up to them every morning. My life would be empty without them.
We live in Quebec, Canada and even in winter their gorgeous faces keep my heart warm! Nothing compares to Sheltie love and I have it times two!

Name: Jazzette
Age: Five years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Maine Coon Cat
Home: Canada
This beautiful girl is named Jazzette.  She was named as a companion to her brother Jazz, who suddenly passed away at the age of two years and ten months. Since Jazz and Jazzette were inseparable, she had a very hard time; she walked around looking for him and crying for days. One month later, we adopted a little sister for her, and later on, three brothers. Now these five magnificent Maine Coons live together, sharing their lives with two humans.
She is really clever and being the oldest, Jazzette is the princess of the house. She knows what is the best for her wonderful life, then takes advantage of it and of her position. She loves our company and needs to be near us at all times, she asks a lot of attention too. Even when she is eating she asks us explicitly and lets us know that we have to stay very close and even touch her. She is very talkative and every day we have long conversations together. She purrs very loudly and even makes a lot of noise when cleaning herself’ she is our noisy girl!
We’re happy to have the chance to introduce you to Jazzette, our beautiful, amazing Maine Coon girl. We have a profusion of love for her and for her furry siblings as well. With each having a different personality, our home life is never boring! What a wonderful life for all of us!


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