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wednesday’s crew for 10/10/12

Posted on: October 10, 2012

Stirling  and  Fluka  are siblings who were adopted together when they were about 3 months old. They are mostly tuxedo kitties, with a hint of stripes especially on Fluka (grey female), in the right light. We already knew we wanted to adopt two cats to keep each other company and were touring the local shelter homes. On our way to these two (30 miles away) we got a flat tire and almost missed the appointment! Good thing we did not let that slow us down because they were just the cutest little kittens we’d ever seen. We were barely back in the car that we decided they were meant to be with us. They have since not disappointed! Almost a year later they still love to play together and chase each other up and down the stairs, or any furniture that happens to be in the way. Despite having always lived together they definitely have their own personalities. Stirling is vocal and extremely cuddly and will wake us up with kisses every morning, while Fluka is more reserved, fancies herself a great hunter and likes nothing more than to sleep on top of an unopened suitcase.

Kodak  is the newest addition to our furry family, and is only a nine week old Australian shepherd baby. We acquired him after a friend got him and decided she couldn’t handle him. Fortunately for us, he fit into our house like a dream and we couldn’t be happier to have him. He’s proving to be a very smart, sweet puppy with a fantastic temperament and we feel honored to have him as part of the family.

Name: Strolchi
Age: Six months old
Gender: Male
Kind: Rabbit
Home: Chemnitz, Saxony, Germany
This is my bunny Strolchi;  he’s super cute and loves being petted. Strolchi lives with his girlfriend Krümel in their very own rabbit hutch in our garden. He loves eating hay, grass and carrots. When he’s outside, he loves digging holes and scampering around, or just relaxing in his little house or climbing through his tunnel. When Strolchi and Krümel are in their hutch, they will often just snuggle up or nibble on the branches of an apple tree. When he has done something nasty (like bothering Krümel), he’s always looking guilty, as if he knows he did something wrong. His look is so very special and I like him a lot.

Strolchi and Krumel

Name: Pippa
Age: Seven years old
Gender: Female
Breed: West Highland Terrier
Home: England
This is Pippa. She’s a West Highland Terrier (a.k.a. Westie) and roughly about seven years old. Pippa is a friendly, hyper, playful and loving dog, who lives with our fourteen-year-old Westie named Poppy who’s no longer as playful and energetic. Pippa is quite fond of me, my brother and my mum. I know this because whenever one of us leaves the house, like if I am going outside to do my paper route, Pippa will wait by the front door whimpering softly to herself until I return. She does the same for all three of us.
Her name was originally Bella and my mum took her in at the age of one or two years old or maybe even younger, we don’t know for sure. She instantly formed a strong bond with our older dog Poppy, they have been friends for years! At some points Poppy even mothered Pippa since she was so young. Now, we all know that dogs are not such a fan of cats (stereotypically), well, Pippa is one of those dogs! Her favorite hobby happens to be intimidating our poor cats, sometimes chasing Fudge around the entire house! They go up the stairs, down the stairs and out into the garden! Luckily, that’s where Fudge makes her great escape! Other than this hobby, she has many more. She really enjoys going out on her walks.
One time, I took Pippa out for a long walk by a familiar lake. I knew she kept her distance from the swans, ducks and any other larger animals, including larger dogs. While I was walking the dog with my dad and brother, we released Pippa from her leash for the first time. All was good until she decided to jump into the lake! As unimpressed as my dad was, Pippa didn’t seem to care! She enjoyed paddling in the shallow end of the lake, scaring away any ducks that approached. It was a challenge to get her out of the lake but we did! By then we had a very wet, muddy little Westie, so I had to bath her later on.
Another time I took her for a walk with my nan and granddad. This time she grew a backbone towards the ducks and the swans and was not afraid to stroll on forward, instead of cowering behind me and peering over to see if the swans and ducks had left their posts, which was a good change. Admittedly it was a warm summer’s day outside, so we tried to shelter Pippa from the heat as much as we could. We all sat under a massive shade tree which offered us some long, wet grass. Pippa just loooves long, wet grass. We watched her roll around, prance around, jump, sprint around in this grassland for a good five to ten minutes and she never got bored, so I simply went to join her. As tiring as it was, it was fun and my nan and granddad found it hilarious. At the time I was taking Photography as a GSCE in my secondary school so I took these pictures. Now I’ve grown much more comfortable with taking Pippa off the lead. She runs alongside me when I sprint up the road to my nan’s and back whenever I visit. This is where she meets her other Westie friend, Toby.
Nickname wise we often name her “Chub” or “Pup.” For some strange reason she responds to both, especially Pup. We nicknamed her Pup as she has a puppy-like face and generally acts like one. Many people have mistaken her for a puppy because of her size and how energetic she really is.
Even if Pippa is a dog, she sometimes acts like a cat. She often tries to play with our cats Fudge and Rainey, but of course the cats don’t approve and she just mimics their cat-like behavior. If Fudge is sprawled out across the sofa Pippa will just join her, lay down beside her and the two will remain undisturbed for hours.
Pippa has a fear of the sound of thunder and lightning, as well as fireworks. Whenever they’re sounded, she will dive into her bed and bury herself under her blankets, venture upstairs and hide under my bed, or curl up beside me on my bed. My brother and I keep her company until the noise has stopped.
Trying to get a photo of Pippa is near enough impossible, because whenever she sees a camera she will worm her way towards it and stick her nose straight in the lens. Trying to get a photo of her has to be done at ultra speed, I have tried running up the path to try and get a good picture of her running towards me, but she is just way to fast, I did this for a whole five minutes once before giving in and just play around with her!
Pippa is just a loving Westie who loves her family, the attention that we give her and most importantly her morning biscuits, which she shares with my dad.

Name: Snickers
Age: Unknown
Gender: Male
Kind: Tabby
Home: Mansfield, Ohio, USA
Snickers was a stray cat and came out of nowhere one day when my Grandpa was sick. He helped my family through my Grandfather’s death around August 30th last year. He never bites or scratches at all, he is just a loving cat. Snickers is special because he came to us in a time where we were all feeling gone and lost, he made us feel better. My Grandpa didn’t get to spend much time with him, but the time he did, he was smiling and happy. My Grandpa was in pain at that time so he was trying to hold on, but he was too late. I feel Snickers was here to comfort us, not by coincidence but by fate. I was never a cat person until this cat showed up. We’re not really certain of his age, but think he is around three years old now.
Snickers is funny, loves to play and cuddle, and he’s adventurous at times too. He makes all kinds of weird faces when I take pictures. Snickers is a great cat in general and he absolutely loves acorns, funny enough! I’ll toss an acorn on the porch and he will chase it, tapping it a little and then running after it.
Snickers also likes to cuddle close to me; he will jump on me when I’m laying down, wrap his arms around my neck and fall asleep. It’s the cutest thing ever! When my Grandpa was alive, they would play with this string he had, Snickers would hide and then pounce on the string. My Grandpa always loved that and so did I. Snickers is the kind of cat that needs to be with someone but can walk off independently into the woods near our house when he feels like it.
He doesn’t like dogs, but he will let my Golden Retriever kiss him on the nose which is absolutely adorable. I have a rabbit that he loves to hang around with, there buddies and he will protect her when I walk away to do something really quick. He even protects our older cat, Twissy, a cat my Grandpa saved. Snickers is a very special boy.


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