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saturday’s crew for 10/13/12

Posted on: October 13, 2012

We first got Kristen  and her sister Nana when they were 10 weeks old from our neighbour across the street. On their first night in their new home, Kristen was instantly confident and behaved as if nothing had changed and we’d had her all along. Nana, on the other hand, went into the situation with much more caution and didn’t actually come out from under the sofa until the following morning.Upon meeting our two oldest cats, Yuna (10) and Michael (2), both kittens were extremely excited at having new older ‘siblings’. However, their reactions were very different. Naturally, Yuna and Michael wanted them put in their place so they both received a gentle but warning smack in the face. Whilst Nana never approached them without their ‘permission’ again, Kristen was already climbing on top of them within seconds of her smack. No matter how many times the older cats would hit her, Kristen would get back on her feet and lopsidedly run up to them again through lack of awareness.One day, Michael was at the top of the stairs when Nana came rushing up behind him. Out of sheer panic and shock, Michael pushed Nana down the stairs. Kristen then followed suit and ran behind Michael and quickly received the same fate. However, whilst Nana instinctively put her claws out to grab onto the top step so she didn’t fall down them, Kristen continued to fall the entire way down to the bottom. It demonstrated a real lack of basic instinct.Another thing that became quite apparent was Kristen’s lack of spacial awareness. She would often fall down the stairs, run into things, bang her head and have quite nasty accidents.As time has passed, Kristen has grown increasingly attached to me and I to her. We have formed a very strong bond over a very short period. During our time together, Kristen will lick my face until it’s raw to the extent that I have to physically move her or else my skin will start to peel. She has also developed a rather unhealthy obsession with trying to breast feed from me. She will physically climb under my top and desperately try to get to my breasts. When I remove her, she’ll suckle my chin instead.She also suffers severe separation anxiety from me. Whenever I leave the room, Kristen will begin to cry out frantically and try to follow. Her cries are not that of a normal kitten but rather a squeak type sound that almost sounds as if she’s saying ‘ma, ma, ma.’ Her separation anxiety got so bad at one point that she would even have to sit on my lap whilst I’d go to the toilet.Sometimes I wonder if Kristen has some form of ADHD. She will fidget 24/7 and can’t seem to settle even for a cuddle. Her excitement seems to overwhelm her and her purring becomes warped. In fact, one of her major quirks is her kneading. All cats and kittens knead, but Kris will knead as she walks to the extent that she ends up tripping over herself.Kristen also quickly showed she’s unable to physically clean herself. Luckily, Nana seems to have caught on to that and will hold her down whilst cleaning the sleep from her eyes and giving her a general wash, all the while Kristen will struggle and make her little squeaks. Even Yuna, our old little rescue, takes an extremely maternal role over Kristen and will also take shifts in cleaning her and making sure she’s safe.Over time, Nana has grown and matured. Whilst Nana has formed the appearance of a small young cat, little Kristen doesn’t look particularly different to when she first arrived.Given all of these circumstances, I decided to Google ‘special needs in cats’ out of sheer curiosity as both my mum and I had started to realise Kristen’s Behaviour was not only abnormal but that she wasn’t going to change. After searching and searching for any possible conditions she might have, we finally came across ‘mental retardation.’ At first, I brushed it off believing Kristen couldn’t possibly be that severe but when I started to read the signs and symptoms, I realised this was our little girl in a nutshell.After much debating, both my mum and I agreed to not take her to the vets for an official diagnosis. This is for several reasons. The most important being- it’s a waste of money because whether she does have this condition or she doesn’t, her life will be abundant with love, stimulation and excitement.Despite not taking her to the vets, we have had her IQ done. She came out at a mere 61 deeming her completely mentally retarded.Regardless of anything, little Kristen Stewart (named by my mother, the biggest Twi-hard I know) will always be our special little girl. I wouldn’t change her for the world.To become a ‘fan’ of Kristen, you can ‘like’ her fan page here –

Gus is a cuddly pup whose mom is a boxer and dad is a German shepherd / Golden retriever mix. When Gus isn’t enjoying long naps on the couch, he loves meeting new people and new dogs around town. He was rescued from Bandits Place Shelter in Connecticut.

Name: Cinnamon
Age: Six years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Guinea Pig
Home: Basingstoke, Hampshire, England
Cinnamon is my six year old smooth buff self guinea pig. She is a trooper, she knows what she wants when she wants it and is the ‘granny’ of my clan. Every other pig respects her, because she is the oldest, but she doesn’t fuss at them too much either way. She has become more relaxed as she has gotten older. As soon as you put her out on the grass she doesn’t even bother to move before she starts eating. She was my inspiration and got me addicted to guinea pigs. I now have ten! And I am so glad she, who started it all, is still with me!

Name: Lucas
Age: Four years old
Gender: Male
Breed: Dog
Home: Rockwall, Texas, USA
Lucas has a very special place in our hearts. We rescued him at a kill shelter when he was about a year old and he known as the “dog that had been there the longest.” (You know what that means.) I instantly fell in love with him and I think the feeling was mutual. We named him Lucas because we got him right before we got married on the beach in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. Everywhere we go, everyone always asks us “what kind of dog is that?” I smile and say “He is a designer breed – He was designed like that.” He weighs about seventy pounds and he is full of love! He sleeps with us every night (with his tongue out) and wakes us up early every Saturday morning because he is hungry. I think he can read the time on the alarm clock! He loves to go out to the country to run and swim in the pond. He is such a great dog and we now can’t imagine our life without him.

Name: Chester
Age: Twelve years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Domestic Shorthair
Home: Southeast Kansas, USA
I first met Chester  on July 5th, 2000. After a night of fireworks bursting in air, I went out onto the porch. I heard a frantic meowing coming from a tree in my yard. There, way up near the top of the tree, was a tiny black ball of fluff with big golden eyes.
He was so terrified, he would not come down. Finally, after hours of me bribing him and his extreme hunger, he came down. I scooped him up and took him inside to a spare room I had. When he learned he was safe and going to have regular food, water and bathroom facilities, he calmed down. After a few days he went to the vet for a check up and his shots. The vet said he was about six weeks old at that time. He was now part of my cat family.
I never looked for his owners. Anyone who would let a baby like that out to fend for himself over the 4th of July no less, was not getting him back without a fight. To this day he is terrified of sudden or loud noises. I have a hunch I know who his owners were. There was a family in the neighborhood who had a history of getting kittens then tossing out to fend for themselves when they were about Chester’s age. No one ever came looking for him either.
Chester is special in so many ways, I could write a book. He is a talker. He will glady share his opinions on everything whether you wish to hear them or not. If you have a party, he will glady bring the cheese dip and even play fetch with the lid afterward; just to help you burn off any unwanted calories.
He loves Halloween decorations and posing with them. He is not a fan or trick or treaters though and hides until they leave.
He has three cat brothers and three cat sisters. He is the oldest male. They tend to pick on him because he is so easy going and will only swat back if he has no choice. He prefers the easy going life style.
We hope that anyone looking to adopt a cat won’t pass by a black cat just because of its color. Chester is the sweetest, gentlest, most loving cat in the world. He has brought lots of love, luck, and laughter into my life.


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