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Sunday’s crew for 10/14/12

Posted on: October 14, 2012

This little one’s momma didn’t come back one day. I would say abandoned but there are too many things that could have happened to her so I like to think the momma wasn’t able to come back; not that she left her little baby. My stepdaughter had her first and really tried hard to raise her but called me when she was just too overwhelmed with the constant around-the-clock care. This was an excellent teaching moment about how hard it is to care for a baby. I discovered the little one to be around 4-5 weeks old. I kept looking at her and thinking she looked like a Kricket because she would try to hop. My husband took one look at her and said she has a strong, lion look about her and said, “How about Kimba? That sounds like a good girl lion name…” And thus, she became Kimba.  She was very stressed when I brought her home and was really quiet and would hardly move. Once she had some snuggles, warm milk, and lots of kisses she seemed to come out of her shell more and more. She now makes the cutest sucking, chirping, mewing, and clicking sounds I have ever heard in a little kitten. She loves to play and will roll around on the floor with a little fuzzy mouse toy just exhausting herself. Sometimes it even looks like she is smiling afterwards. When she is hungry she is hungry. She has upgraded from just milk to milk and baby food, chicken flavor, in a dropper. She doesn’t very well with the bottle anymore and will just bite on it more than anything. I am getting ready to start her on eating from her own little saucer. From the first moment we held her my husband I were smitten…We now have a third baby to add to our other two babies; Tiggerette and Patch. I love all my kitties!

Hi, new friends! My name is Angel  and I’m a Bernese Mountain Mix (at least that’s what the vet thinks). I was named by my foster dad who said my white chest markings looked like an angel. If you look closely, you can totally see it! My mom hoped I would live up to the name so she decided to keep it. So far so good, I think. I recently turned four months old and am really into playing with other dogs and getting belly rubs from humans. Why jump when you can just roll over for a belly rub instead? I also love ice cubes and pulling up grass…my mom says that’s a habit I can’t keep. I love to play and have great bursts of energy when I see people I know and care about. I’m very curious about exploring everything, especially if it smells good! After a long day of playing I’m always ready to take a good nap, as long as someone will let me snuggle up in their lap.

Name: Felix
Age: Two and a half years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Rabbit
Home: Germany
Hi there! I will tell you something of my bunny Felix:  For me, he’s the cutest animal in the world! He is a mixed breed bunny. He is so lovely, kissing all my other bunnies (and my guinea pig!), but they never kiss back. But he does it anyway. He likes kissing me, too. And he is good all the time. I can let him run free in the garden without him running away. I can do everything with him. Often I talk to him, he listens to me. And I think he understands it well.
He has remained strong, as his sister died. Not long ago he had hairs in his stomach so we had to go to the vet, he could have died from the blockage! I was so scared for him. And because of this, we had to trim his coat shorter … So now he is not as fluffy, but we hope it will keep him from getting sick again! When he was little I taught him to run up the stairs. I can tell you it looks very sweet! His favorite activity is to move his loo. It’s very funny. And the second, I think, is eating. I love him!

Name: Cody
Age: Five months old
Gender: Female
Breed: Dog
Home: Romania
You know that it is said that there is no greater love than the love between man and dog? Well, it is true. I was blessed from the day when I first found Cody,  actually she wanted me to find her. My family and I were on a car trip and we decided to stop the car for a short break. We stopped next to a plain ground, no houses, no buildings. And there she was, playful and happy, a little golden puppy that immediately ran to us as soon as she saw us. I took her in my arms, she licked my face and then I knew that she is going to be the new member of our family.
We are so blessed that she chose us as her family! There is not a day that I don’t tell Cody that I love her, and she answers me back with a playful tail, a short bark and a lick on my face. Not to mention that she is my alarm in the mornings! She jumps in the bed, comes closer to my face, sniffs me and then she starts to lick my face energetically. When I take Cody outside for a walk she is a magnet for all the people we see, she knows how to make herself lovable!
I am very proud of Cody even though she is a little beast and bites our fingers and ankles. At the end of the day I cannot imagine my life without Cody in it!

Name: Gizmo
Age: Three years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Cat
Home: England, UK
My cat Gizmo  is special because he so photogenic and he is often the subject of my photography. He is also a little bit dim and silly, he gets spooked by everything and comes running when you bang the cat food tin, even though he knows he gets shut in after dinner. He’s not the friendliest cat, which is lucky because I know people would love to just snatch him up, but when he does have his moments of friendliness with my family we know he means it and that he loves us.
When he comes for a cuddle he always greets us with a bleep to say hello and starts purring instantly. He is a bit of scaredy cat and gets freaked out by anything new. He is also quite naughty, and when he has a hyper mood he comes tearing into the house darting all over the place and scrambling about. When I tickle his belly he grabs on to my foot and tries to bite it in a playful manner. He loves to play with his home made toy of a stick with a feather tied on with a bit of string; he crouches right down and punches at it. When we went to have a look at this litter of kittens we were not intending to get a new cat, but Gizmo and his sister Lola (who look nothing alike as she is small and tortoiseshell colored). We fell in love with how adorable they were and I convinced my mum to get them. I am so glad I did!


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