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monday’s crew for 10/15/12

Posted on: October 15, 2012

Not even five weeks old! His calls for help guided us to a hosta plant before a cold rain might have made for a different ending. Facebook put him out locally, and rehomed him to a boy who volunteers at the shelter. He’s getting such a cuddlebug in little Bors!  The local network had turned up a lady whose 12 year old boy wanted a cat. A lot. He volunteered at the local shelter. Their previous cat had passed away. They fussed about food and didn’t let cats out. When she saw Bors’ little face on Facebook, something clicked. He had a home. When I saw the young man’s face light up upon seeing Bors, I had a great feeling about the two of them.In less than 24 hours, this particular rescue experience was over. But hey, happy ending!Heaven knows I wanted to keep Bors. But just as my co-workers had constraints on taking him at all, I had constraints on giving him a permanent home.But I have learned that this is one of those things about relationships. Sometimes, even these quick encounters can be pivotal. The important thing is not necessarily being there for the cat as his or her permanent home.

My name is Tegan.  I’m a 14 week old fluffy Pembroke Welsh Corgi. I love meeting people, stealing socks, and running at full speed everywhere I go. I’m incredibly stubborn when I want something or don’t want to do something, but luckily I’m so cute no one can stay frustrated with me for long.

Name: Millie
Age: Unknown
Gender: Female
Kind: Pinto Mouse
Home: USA
Millie  is my pet mouse that I got at Petco in August. We got her a mouse friend named Tiger. She is not scared of people and likes corn. I love her very much. She is tan and white and her friend is all white with red eyes. She loves to run on her wheel and isn’t very good at sharing. Whenever I only put one treat in their cage they will fight for it! But after that they snuggle up together like it never happened.
They have a straw nest in their cage that they absolutely love! It has two open sides and sometimes they flip it over and climb in and snuggle up like the best of buddies (which they are)! Her friend Tiger is rather large and Millie looks tiny if you compare them. She is such a good pet! I do not know why some people are afraid of mice, I think they are fun pets, and Millie proves it! I really want her to be honored, maybe more people will see her and learn to love them! She is very special!

Name: Chica
Age: Three years old
Gender: Female
Breed: Chihuahua
Home: Stockton, California, USA
Hello my name is Chica and I am a fashionista and a diva, and I am proud of it. In fact the only thing I like more than new clothes is food (especially chicken). But really, do I look good in this? I think not.
I admit that when mom first showed it to me I got very excited like I always do when I get new clothes, but I had no idea how I would look, and it isn’t pretty. Where’s the bling, where’s the pizzazz? I am more the pink frilly sparkly type. And no holes for my ears? Really? I told mom that if she wants me to participate in this year’s doggie Halloween parade she will have to do better than this. Tinkerbell would be good, lots of sparkle.
Oh yeah, when mom shows this picture to her friends they laugh instead of the usual “she looks so cute in that” (big clue mom). I know she will come through with a new outfit before the big parade, she just has to.
Happy Halloween everyone; that reminds me, I didn’t tell you that I love all humans (mom says I don’t know that I’m a Chihuahua but I do) and I love my cat sisters and my dog friends. I guess I just love everyone and everything. Except this costume!

Name: Mjau
Age: Five months old
Gender: Male
Kind: Domestic Shorthair
Home: Arendal, Norway
This is a boy who always wants to have fun! And the reason for his name, which is Mjau, is that he always talks really loudly, so one is able to hear him a good distance away. He is always playful and every morning take his toys up on the bed to his “mum” and plays so he wakes her up! All this is so she can throw his toy a little distance inside the house so he can run after it to play.
Every time someone is going up or down the stairs he is right there to jump on you with a playful attack while he has this silly cute looking face on him! He also thinks the toilet is really fascinating so we have to close the lid for him not to get into it just to play with the water. He wants to come inside the shower when the water’s on, too, just to play a bit around inside there.
He has a strong personality, but is really kind and sweet at the same time! And he gets bossed around by the neighbor cat but is so interested in her that he sneaks carefully after her every time she goes away, like she is his playmate or something. He also like to sleep close into “mum” every night, and when he is tired during the day he sleeps on your lap and makes happy sounds. We love him!


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