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wednesday’s crew for 10/17/12

Posted on: October 17, 2012

I got Mittens  about about a year ago when we went to pick up my soon to be dog from my aunt, she was super cute and was raised with my dog, they got along perfect. I brought her home and ever since I cannot keep her out of my room she loves to be in there and when I’m not in the room with her she will cry and cry. She is the best thing that ever happened to me. I love you Mittens.

Gertrude  (aka Gertie) is an 12 week old English Bulldog. She gets stopped so much by strangers on the sidewalk we can barely walk her. In fact, she now sits down on the sidewalk whenever someone passes by in expectation of a good rubbing. She’s stubborn, playful, and a little gassy, and we wouldn’t have her any other way.

Name: Thumper
Age: Two years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Rabbit
Home: Kingston upon Hull, England
Thumperis my super cuddly and super lazy bunny. And although he always looks lazy to others, at times he can be very mischievous, too. He has a bad habit of running around peoples feet when they are trying to put out the washing, sometimes nearly tripping them up! He also has an obsession with following people into the house if they leave the door open. He enjoys digging in the garden, and will make himself a “bed” to lie in, as you can see. He loves playing with his little brother Patch, and will eat almost anything. We all completely love him, as he is super sweet and a gentle giant.

Thumper and Patch

Name: Cooper
Age: Eleven months old
Gender: Male
Breed: Labrador Retriever
Home: Clifton Park, New York, USA
Cooper  is a playful pup with a spunky attitude. He is our second dog. If we aren’t paying attention to him he makes all kinds of funny noises to get our attention. Cooper, still being a puppy, will nip at us if he gets too excited. Cooper loves toys. We buy him rubber chickens and he rips up one a day. He loves to take us for walks and play hide and seek with us kids. Cooper loves everyone he meets and has lots of good doggy friends in our neighborhood.
About six months before we decided to get Cooper, our first dog, Willy, died from cancer. After a while, we all decided that our house just didn’t feel right without a furry friend to love. We loved Willy so much and he was such a sweet gentle dog, that we decided to go to the same breeder, even though the breeder was now a three hour drive from our house. We went to visit the breeder at Thanksgiving. He had a litter of puppies that had just been born, but weren’t ready to leave their mommy. We had to go back a week before Christmas to meet the puppies for the first time. There was one puppy that really seemed to like us, and he would curl up in my lap and fall asleep. There was no doubt in our mind that this was our pup. A lot of people say this, but Cooper kind of picked us, and he made our house feel right again.
Another game Cooper likes is chase. We run around our house and Cooper chases us around and around and around the house. He is really getting good at Hide and seek. Mom will hold Cooper while we go hide – on rainy days its in the house, but we even use our whole yard when the weather is nice. Cooper gets so excited he yelps until it is time for him to find us. He is really good at finding us and we give him a little treat when he does to make sure he understands the game. That rubber chicken gets a lot of life in Cooper’s nightly games of fetch. It seems like he will play with it for a long time, and then just suddenly decide that its time for the chicken to go!
Cooper loves ice. Sometimes instead of treats he will want ice! He is a great boy who makes us smile every day.

Name: Spliff
Age: Eight months old
Gender: Male
Kind: Tabby
Home: Baker, Florida, USA
This is my kitten Spliff!  Spliff is the coolest and possibly the most handsome kitty I have ever had the pleasure of knowing! He is now about eight months old, and came to our home after our other cat Possum’s old friend Doobie passed away. We weren’t sure if the two cats would ever get along but I am so happy to report that they are the best of friends now! They love to play together and it is so great to see them running around the yard and stalking one another. He is also quite fond of my bunny. It’s so cute.
Spliff is very curious (aren’t all cats?) and very brave considering how much growing he still has left to do. The other day he was actually dragged up a tree by a squirrel he tried to catch. No worries though, the squirrel made it out okay. He loves to curl right up in your lap and I’ve never heard a purr as loud as his. He really is a great cat. He loves to cuddle, and you can wiggle his tail around and get him to chase it. This is truly a special cat and I look forward to the many years we have left together.


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