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thursday’s crew for 10/18/12

Posted on: October 18, 2012

Nigel  was adopted in September. He just loves to play with shoes! Also he loves to bother the two older cats by falling asleep on them and constantly trying to play with them. But the best part is how he loves to play with running water. Always getting himself wet when ever there is water around, which is all the time!

Maverick (German shepherd) was born on April Fool’s Day. He lives in Massachusetts. He loves to play with his ropes, bones, and go for long walks. He is very energetic–and loves to play with other doggies! Car rides make him happy–he loves to be involved in everything!

Name: Doc
Age: Fifteen years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Paint Quarter Horse
Home: New York, USA
Doc‘s  a registered paint, born in Canada. I bought him last month from New Jersey, and now he lives with me in New York, and is training to be a barrel racer! He was once used for English jumping, but when you compare his English and western antics, he clearly likes western better. He’s possibly the most comfortable animal I’ve sat on, no matter what speed.
He’s very loving, and the more attention he gets, the happier he is. He loves his neck getting scratched, and he’s very curious and dependant on his rider. If I’m nervous about something, he’ll shy away from it. If he’s nervous about something, and I just ignore whatever it is, he’ll ignore it for the most part. He follows me around in turn out, and if I run, he’ll trot after me. His favorite gate is probably a walk, because he can be very lazy and just wants to sit around all day and do nothing, but his jog is extremely comfortable and so’s his canter if you get him into it enough. I haven’t had the chance to really take him out for a nice long trail, but on the short ones I’ve been on, he tends to get anxious and hot, and wants to run the whole thing, so I think he likes ring work better. It’s more relaxed in there, and he feels comfortable around people. He also likes to spend time with other horse’s, and is very friendly towards most of the horses he meets. He likes to nudge me when I’m walking in front of him, and if I stand or sit by his door while I clean my tack, he’ll stick his nose over and touch the top of my head. Doc is that one horse that everyone likes, and doesn’t get on anyone’s nerves (you know, besides mine if he decides to be obnoxious or misbehave). His favorite patterns to run – from what I can tell- seem to be the speed barrels and keyhole, though we haven’t had much time to work on his turning for keyhole … But that will come!

Name: Sora
Age: 22 months old
Gender: Female
Breed: Pomeranian
Home: Warsaw, Poland
Hi there! I wanted to nominate my best friend ever – Sora.  Sora is a very special pet … No, a very special friend to me. I got her when she was a little fluffy puppy, that can be seen in one photo. When I saw her, I was sure that I would choose her, not any of her siblings. She was my first dog ever, and my biggest pet-dream, so you can imagine how happy I was! Also her black muzzle makes her very unique. She is small, fluffy, but very brave.
Sora is very clever and crazy about adventures. If we go rafting? Sora is the first one aboard! If we are going to visit Krakow? Sora is the first one on the train! If we go shopping or to restaurant? Be sure that she will be the first one ready to go! That’s what makes her totally awesome. Also she doesn’t like strangers, what makes me very happy, as I personally hate dogs, who are friendly to everyone around, and would worry someone might take her.
Sora loves to eat with me, to sleep with me, to hunt field mice together and play. We are not like pet and owner, but like friends. She can be also very jealous. And she hates my human friend, haha. But we understand each other really well, she knows what I want and I know what she wants. She is the best animal-friend I’ve ever had.

Name: Merlin
Age: Fifteen weeks old
Gender: Male
Kind: Birman
Home: Leicester, England
Merlin’s so super special as he’s so loving yet such a bundle of trouble, he’s just an all round great kitty and always puts a smile on my families faces with his big mischievous blue eyes. Also as you can see he’s some what of a poser!
Merlin is special, because he’s so loving, he’s definitely not independent aha he follows everyone around the house, he’s very rarely on his own, I mean even if you walk from one room to the next he’s at your ankles as though he’s trying to hitch a ride on them >_< He sleeps on my bed at night-time so even then he doesn’t like to be on his own, when the house has been empty and you return Merlin leaps and bounds toward you wanting some fuss! I say he’s a bundle of trouble, because he always wants to play, and by playing I mean he wants to chew on your fingers, or nip at your toes, we never have our feet hanging off the sofa as he loves pouncing on anything that twitches or stirs aha, but he is very gentle when he’s playing, apparently when Birmans nip you it’s a sign of love? So I’ve read somewhere anyway… We have hanging toys that we use to play with him when he’s getting a little rough, which is on rare occasions, seen as he’s a bit boisterous at times, as for tricks he’s not learnt any as of yet, maybe when he’s a little older we’ll try to teach some, at the moment it’s all fun! Merlin enjoys chasing paper balls the best and chewing on his soft toy, Kovu, from the Lion King 2! The main reason I think Merlin is very special is because out of a litter of three my little brother, Brendan, who’s five, chose him, so you knew right away he was probably going to be cheeky just like himself. Merlin adores my little brother so much that when Brendan’s sleeping he grooms his hair! They always nap together too in the afternoon, like peas in a pod!
Merlin is so super soft! And cuddly! He even nudges you with his nose, he’s that cute!


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