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tuesday’s crew for 10/23/12

Posted on: October 23, 2012

Smudge  is a half-Manx cat whose mother died less than 24 hours after he was born. He and his siblings were bottle fed by my friend who owned the mother, Avalon. We got Smudge when he was seven weeks old. He was so tiny that he looked to be around three weeks old. His hair was thin from not getting the nourishment he needed from his mother, and I used to tell my friend that he looked like a little bat without wings. I thought he was the cutest little ugly kitty ever, but I could see through all that and knew he’d be beautiful some day. Our little ugly duckling. He’s now a beautiful, sleek 11-lb. Cat.

George  is a 3-month-old Australian Labradoodle who loves playing in dirt, swimming in the river, and chewing socks (the stinkier the better). Born on the 4th of July, he was named for our country’s first president. So far, George has proved to be as fearless as his namesake. He boldly barks at vacuum cleaners, brooms, shovels, and anything that gets in his way.

Name: Trygger
Age: Seven years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Appaloosa
Home: Davis County, Utah, USA
Trygger  is both sweet and a handfull. He always keeps me on my toes, and sometimes decides for me what kind of day we’re going to have. He is very bright, and if he has an issue with anything we’re doing, we learn by going through it. We do not compete besidees friendly races between friends, and, not to brag, but he is a very speedy horse. His likes to eat the crust off my sandwiches, and loooves any form of grain I can find for him.
He (Trygger) was flighty all day the other day, we walked into the arena and he just spooked at one half of the arena no matter what I did to try and help him. We walked, trotted, with me both in and out of the saddle, I walked the boundary and looked for something, and found nothing. So, I assumed he was just being a butthead and trying to be done.
Well, as the day got warmer, I had to take off one of my four layers (a white sweatshirt). I stopped him, and my plan was to slip it off, put it over the fence and just keep riding. Well, he was fine until I had it completely off and put my arm out to drop it over the fence. He saw the sweatshirt, spooked and took off (I’m still in the saddle at this point). I held onto the sweatshirt, calmed him down and eventually tossed the sweatshirt on the fenceline.
We continued on, I wanted to leave the sweatshirt for last. The reason he was spooking in the one half of the arena was because my sweatshirt was reflecting just enough off the calf chute, that it was scary. When he saw the white, when I took off my sweatshirt, it spooked him.
So, after an awesome day ignoring the white sweatshirt, I hopped off, grabbed the sweatshirt and took my other one off. I rubbed them all over him until he was completely calm with them, and then hung them from the saddle and made him walk so they continuously brushed his side.
He is a wonderful listener (most of the time, some days he likes to do things his own way…) and is always very good to me. I love him!

Name: Shwayze
Age: Four months old
Gender: Male
Breed: Pitbull
Home: Labelle, Florida, USA
Shwayze  is special because he warms up to people quickly and anyone who meets him forgets all about the pitbull-stigma and accepts them for the loving dogs they are. He likes to eat dirt for some reason and to trip you up while you walk and to bury his head in your lap and plop on top of you, even though he is getting too big to do that.
Shwayze is my second dog, my first is a Jack Russell named Reggie, but he is my first puppy. Shwayze likes to play tug of war and fetch, but mostly he just sleeps. He knows how to sit and stay, and he did fine on the leash the very first time we put it on him. He’s a fast learner. He still has accidents inside the house though, and he likes digging holes. He cuddles with me and warms my feet while I do my homework, and he’s named after anamazing reggae artist. I love him a lot!

Name: Buttons
Age: Four years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Ragdoll mix
Home: Pennsylvania, USA
Buttons  is a four-year-old mix who really enjoys her life. Buttons is a mix, but we suspect she is part Ragdoll or Munchkin. She is special because of her quirky and playful personality and her ability to love. Buttons had one litter of kittens, but lost them all. After her kittens were gone, she began to mother our other cat’s babies, who were a little older and no longer needed so much attention. She cleaned them, played with them, and just took care of them until they were well over a year old. Buttons has since taken extra care with every kitten she’s encountered, but is now fixed.
She lives in a house right across from the woods, where she frequently escapes to go hunting, and returns with presents for her owners (mice, mostly). She seems right at home in the trees, and doesn’t seem bothered at all by the burrs that snag in her long fur(even though they are quite a pain to remove). She enjoys being pet and brushed by her people, and if picked up, will go completely limp, which is why we think she could be part ragdoll. Her stubby legs don’t seem to hinder her active life, and she especially seems to enjoy playing with small bugs, rocks, and other things that don’t really seem to move.


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