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tuesday’s crew for 10.30.12

Posted on: October 30, 2012

Dino  was one kitten in a litter of four. His brothers and sisters did not make it, but Dino was found by a construction worker before it was too late for him. He spent one day at the animal shelter before he came to my house as my new foster kitten. I had to learn how to mix kitten replacement milk and learn to bottle feed him. It has been a wonderful experience taking care of this little guy. I have a feeling he has found his forever home!

Helo  is a rambunctious little Boston terrier puppy who loves to run and play with his big sister, Lilly. He thinks he is 20 times his size and will run or jump to prove it! The good thing about how active this little guy is that after an hour of running and jumping, he’s ready for his 2 hour nap.

Helo playing with Lilly

Name: Tom, Jerry
Age: Unknown
Gender: Male
Kind: Guinea Pig
Home: Hazel Green, Alabama, USA
Hi, I’m Tom  (brown) and this is my brother, Jerry.  We are ready for Halloween in our forever home. Mom has been thinking about getting guinea pigs for a long time. She especially loves black fur babies, so she actually chose Jerry first. Mom doesn’t like any of her fur kids to live alone, so she picked me, too! A long time ago (fifty years) Mom had an experience with the very fast breeding habits that we have. She wanted to make absolutely sure we were both the same sex. Much to her surprise the sales representative told her that PetsMart only sold male guinea pigs. We think this is a very good idea.
We are just settling into our home. Mom cleans the cage twice a day because we can be messy, and gives us good fresh food. She gives us celery, which is our favorite, carrots, dandelions and timothy hay. Mom got us this really neet bed. Sometime I sleep in it, Sometime Jerry does. Then we both get in it together. I think my brother and I will have a happy life here.
Your friend, Tom



Name: Harley
Age: Four years old
Gender: Male
Breed: Maltese
Home: Connecticut, USA
Harley  is my little baby! Okay, he is four years old, but still a baby to me! He thinks he’s human and won’t eat almost any dog food! He like’s to wear clothes, I think it’s because he wants to look human. He’s got a little sister, my parakeet, Meep. Although she’s so tiny compared to him, he’s scared of her.
Harley likes to cuddle up with me on the couch and take a snooze. He would sleep all day if he didn’t get up to eat! My family adopted Harley two years ago after his original owner couldn’t take care of him anymore. Ever since then he’s been my baby. He’s a really easy-going dog and will just plop down by your feet and ask for a belly rub. I dyed my hair blue not too long ago and as a joke I colored his fur too! (Not touching his skin of course!) And for Halloween I’m going as Finn from Adventure Time and I decided to make him a Jake costume so now on Halloween we’re going to be best friends, too!

Harley and Meep

Name: Reno
Age: Five years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Tabby, Maine Coon
Home: USA
This my cat Reno  Kiribani Sinclair! I saw this costume at Petco and couldn’t help it. I always call him my fuzzy banana because he loves to eat them with me, so for Halloween this year he is a banana!
Reno was given as a gift one year as a break up gift when he was only six weeks old. Unfortunately we believe he was taken away from his mother to soon because he still kneads at a person or his water bowl when he goes to eat or drink. Even as a kitten he always slept with me. Reno was named after a character from a video game Final Fantasy 7. I named him this because while playing against said character in a battle, he went behind the TV and pulled the cord out affectively letting his namesake win the game. He has always been there for me in my ups and downs and loves to show his affection by grooming my hair daily.
As a kitten I would dress him up as a gag and gave him treats for being a good boy and dealing with mommies dress up dates. Now he loves dressing up and on special occasions wears his clip on tie. His favorite holidays are Halloween and Christmas for dress up so he can show off his costume to the trick or treaters and give out candy. He’s always looking forward for Kittyclaws to give him new play mice since he always seems to lose them from play. Not even mommy can find them! His favorite treats are small bits of American sliced cheese and butter pecan ice cream from mommie’s spoon. All in all after a long day of mice play and grooming mommie’s hair and being her ever-loving foot warmer, he likes to snuggle down on his ice cream doughnut bed that his mommy sewed for him to sleep awaiting a new day of being Reno.
Don’t worry, Reno doesn’t mind dressing up in the least. He’s had it done with him since he was a kitten so he just figures it to be normal! Hes my precious baby and he loves to dress up! All I have to do is call him and he jumps up and easily sits there for dress up. As long as nothing covers his paws, he’s fine with it!
Last year he was a pumpkin, this year a banana. He has in the past been a Geisha girl, Irish dancer, and a Tinkerbell for a few days once I found out those outfits fit him when he was a kitten. Every holiday he’s dressed up in something and for any special dinner with family he dresses up with his white suit collar and tie that clips to his collar! We all love him a lot, he’s definitely part of the family!


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