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Sunday’s crew for 11.4.12

Posted on: November 4, 2012

One fine morning, my niece and I heard some mewling coming from our library shelves. The mewling would stop whenever we neared one section of the bottom shelves which had sliding glass doors. Noticing the doors slightly ajar I opened them wide and was shocked to find two little fur balls whose eyes were just starting to open. Mama cat had somehow Snuck into our house at night and left her litter there as it had been storming the night before. Poor little fuzzies were starving and mewling for their mama and mama being a semi feral cat would not come into the house while us humans were awake. After a few attempts to dropper feed them milk, I wrapped them up in a blanket and put them in a shoe box and left them out for mama cat to take back. Long story short, mama took only one of them back and left the runt who had stopped mewling or moving much. Late in the evening after I gave up hope of mama cat ever coming back for the runt, I brought him in and there began the 1st of many many sleepless nights to come! My Charger’s  a trooper and he has pretty much battled through a lot of illnesses caused by lack of his mama’s milk — respiratory tract infections, eye infections, nerve damage on his hind leg and inability to walk for over a month due to calcium deficiency. Today he’s half the size of his semi feral brother that comes for his daily feeding outside my porch but he’s as active, pouncy and aggressive as him but also extremely affectionate. We were a pet free home and initially the idea was to give this kitty all the chances of survival and find a good family to adopt him. Five and a half months later, he’s still with me and I fall more in love with him everyday! A BIG thanks to web sites like these that helped me so much during the first few stressful weeks of hand raising my fur ball. God bless you all! This is a picture of Charger reclining and watching TV — one of his many favorite things to do.

Murphy is an Irish Glen of Imaal Terrier puppy. He was born in Albuquerque and now lives outside of Chicago. He loves eating raw bones, chunks of sod, potted plants, bully sticks and his housemate cats’ food whenever clever enough to get at their bowls. He loves long walks into town, especially when the destination is Bently’s Corner Barkery. He loves people, especially little kids. He loves being pet by strangers and there is no one’s face he wouldn’t lick to death. He still has a great little puppy waddle but has the bark of a dog 5 times his size (the few times he does bark). He loves having a tail, but misses his razor-sharp puppy teeth.

Name: Brutality
Age: Four months old
Gender: Male
Kind: Domesticated Brown Rat
Home: Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
Brutality  is special because he chose me to be his owner after months of trying to find a rat to love based on pelt (for breeding purposes). I had no choice but to take this handsome man home with me. I have since decided I would rather keep him for a pet than decrease his Lifespan by using him as a stud. He is a Rattus norvegicus (a.k.a. Domesticated Brown Rat).
Brutality is often called “Brute” or “Brutal.” We named him Brutality because (much like our scorpion “Fatality”) he is completely the opposite. He is super affectionate and loves to hide in my hair when I have him out and about. He has always been a little wary of strangers but just adores a good rough pat no matter where it comes from. He hates bath time but in the summer heat, here in Australia, he can be tempted to go for a swim if he is provided with a small tray of water. He has a strange obsession with ice cubes (he licks them), fresh grass clippings (he sleeps on them) and plastic bottle caps (he chews and throws around his cage).
His favourite foods are Honey Puffs and fresh carrots and he is trained to come to the door of his cage when you run your finger down it and to wait until he is in his cage to go to the toilet. He has very affectionate days and other days he is quite happy running around in his enclosure and entertaining himself. He is very photogenic, as soon as he sees the camera he looks right at it and waits for the flash before he moves. He does have a bad habit of scaring little kids who visit by nipping their fingers (something I am working on training out of him).
When I was shopping for rats one afternoon at a boutique pet store, I opened the container and stuck my hand in, only one rat stood out, the one that rather than trying to squeeze out of the cage he rolled over on his back and started playing with my bracelet’s loose chain, just like my kitten does. I knew he was the next member of our family as soon as I saw him, the only rat, unknowingly imitating my little girl’s strange Behaviour.

Name: Roo
Age: Four years old
Gender: Female
Breed: Long hair Chihuahua
Home: Rocky Hill, Connecticut, USA
This is the most beautiful pet of the day – Roo,  a long hair Chihuahua. She has a brother (Elliot the cat) and another brother (Tycho), but she is in charge and her brothers know it. She is a rescue dog, and has, in effect rescued me. My daughters have moved out, and my husband works at night, so Roo is all it takes to make a bad day, or lonely day better. Her favorite thing to do is lay in the sun or go for a nice long walk.
Roo is an amazing dog. She was left outside a pet store with just her leash and she adopted us. When we first got her, we knew she had been abused and the first day she actually came to sit on my lap was an amazing day. She still eats one kibble at a time and hides when voices are raised, but she is the most loving and affectionate lap dog you ever want to meet. She is very expressive and loves to “jump” and play ball. She will also let us know when our cat is eating his food (it’s kind of like Lassie letting people know that Timmy fell in the well). She will come an get me to remove the cat.
I could go on and on about this dog. Truth be told, she saved me. She makes me smile. She licks away tears. She climbs up on my lap and falls asleep and follows me around and will always be at the door when I come home. She’s extremely trusting and very protective of her family. I hope you find her as special as I do.

Roo with Elliot

Name: Oliver
Age: Twelve years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Siamese Bluepoint
Home: Union, Maine, USA
I would like to honor my cat Oliver  Matthews. He is dealing with a serious illness which is a mast cell tumor. He had to loose one eye. He is on Chemo at this time. He is doing great and has a wonderful doctor. They call him a miracle kitty. He has been dealing with this mass cell tumor for seven years, and due to his very wonderful doctor, she has kept things under control. She says he is in remission now.
He loves to go out walking with me (his mom) he now doesn’t even go on a leash. We go out and I follow him or clap my hands and he comes right to me. He always looks at me with love and a song to sing. He likes to dress for special occasions! This year for Halloween, we decided to do an Elvis Presley look. Oliver likes Elvis tunes and is getting ready to perform a few Elvis tunes. He’s a great cat.


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