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tuesday’s crew for 11.6.12

Posted on: November 6, 2012

This is Gabby  and she is four months old! One day when I was at my moms house I went into the kitchen to get some allergy medicine. I was greeted by her cat Kibby at the window. Kibby is an outdoor cat, so I went to let him in and sitting on a chair behind him was a little black kitten. I had no idea where she came from but I went out to look at her and she was very skinny and tried following Kibby into the house, she must have followed him home. I let Kibby in and stayed out with Gabby and she looked like she had been starved. So I got her some food and water and she ate and drank it right up. She then began to meow nonstop which is how she got her name. I took her to the vet and they said other than her weight she was healthy and approximately 6-7 weeks old. We decided to keep her and now she is four months old and super playful and very mischievous!

Hi! I’m Bodie  (miniature australian shepherd) and I just turned five months old. You can usually find me lying on my back waiting for a belly rub. Otherwise, I’m playing with my older sister Kiva (a former Daily Puppy). I love following Kiva around and imitating her every move; she plays this game where she pretends to be annoyed. Mom and Dad say I’m full of mischief, but I can’t help it that their knick-knacks are so chewable and their socks so tasty. I’ve never met a human I didn’t immediately love, which is why I spend most of the time at the dog park giving puppy kisses to the humans and waiting for more belly rubs.

Bodie and Kiva

Name: Hopper
Age: One year old
Gender: Male
Kind: Flemish Giant Rabbit
Home: Charleston, West Virginia, USA
Hopper is our big boy. He lives in a very large cage in our home but on nice, sunny days he gets to run free in our backyard. He loves chasing the dogs around the yard and eating clover. We got Hopper from a Flemish Giant breeder when he was eight weeks old. He was about the size of an adult dwarf rabbit at this age, but it didn’t take him long to grow quite large. Within six months he weighed seventeen pounds! He loves to eat and every evening he begs for treats. He is extremely friendly and has been since day one. He gets along with all the other animals that live at our house and is the most gentle of any rabbit I have ever owned. We just love Hopper and he brings so much joy to our lives!

Name: Pepper
Age: Five and a half years old
Gender: Female
Breed: German Shepherd Dog
Home: Leipzig, Saxony, Germany
I adopted Pepper  three and a half years ago. She was in a rather bad condition as she came from an animal shelter. Her previous owner treated her really badly, beat her up and eventually left her and a second dog (below who also is mine) behind in an empty flat (he actually never returned). So the police had to get her out of there.
When she arrived in the shelter, no one could touch her without her screaming her lungs out in fear to get beaten again. But as nobody wants a big, black (and therefore they think they’re evil!) dog, so she waited another six to nine months for somebody to adopt her.
But then I came along, took a look at all those wildly barking dogs in their kennels and finally spotted a calm, black dog in a corner with huge ears. No barking. No jumping against the door. She just took a look at me (and right into my soul I believe). How could I resist those eyes? I didn’t have a chance. So I took her home and made her mine.
Even though she experienced the human being so negatively, she loves everyone. And I mean everyone. She melts anybody’s heart within seconds, longs for attention and just wants to cuddle. She has a huge will to please, which I find really remarkable considering her past.
Pepper is the light, that brightened up my meanest depressions. There were times when I only got up for her sake. Pepper is not just Dog of the Day; but she is the dog of my life.

Pepper and friend both rescued

Name: Jada
Age: One and a half years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Sphynx Cat
Home: Phoenix, Arizona, USA
This is our beautiful girl sphynx cat, Jada.  She truly is a unique cat, and most times, doesn’t even act like a cat at all. Jada is a very spoiled cat, and she knows it!
Jada is our very first cat and our first Sphynx cat, I now own two. She loves being around people at all times. She is hardly ever shy, and she expects people, even strangers, to come up and pet her. She is a very vocal girl, and always tries to talk to me. She will sometimes make me “follow” her to somewhere too, by constantly meowing at me. She usually just brings me to a toy she can’t reach on her own. Jada has one specific toy, a small blue plush football, that she absolutely loves, and she will carry it around in her mouth. She likes playing fetch, and will continue to bring a toy back if I continue to throw it.
You can always find her staring out windows, if she isn’t laying in my lap or a family member’s lap. Whenever she sees a bird outside or even a bug, she always makes a strange noise that I can only classify it as chattering/chirping. Jada also enjoys holding hands, and if I squeeze her hand lightly she will hold my hand even tighter. Jada also knows how to kiss. If you put your lips close to kiss her, she’ll meet you half way.
One thing that makes her very special, is the fact that I believe she is a cat that is able to heal people. As a matter of a fact, everyone that meets her says she has something special about her. The reason I believe this is because every time I have ever felt ill or had a sore body part, she would always climb up on my stomach or lay on the spot that hurt. After about ten minutes of her laying on me, I would almost feel completely normal. The rest of my family have also had similar experiences.
She loves getting her belly rubbed, and will roll and squirm on her back and meow until you come over and pet her. She also insists on sitting in the empty laundry basket when a family member is doing laundry. Jada can also open doors, if she really wants to get to something on the other side.
Jada always wants to sleep with me in my bed. Most of the time, she even sleeps like a person. She’ll completely stretch out on the bed, and lay her head on my pillow and the rest of her body under the sheets. She loves getting petted, and even has a strange purr. She likes climbing into boxes, or inspecting bags that I bring home from a store. She also enjoys playing with loose hair ties and twisty ties, regardless of the fact she has tons of toys we bought specifically for her.
Jada knows she is a princess, and expects to be treated like one. She has made an amazing addition to the family and I couldn’t have asked for more.


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