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wednesday’s crew for 11.7.12

Posted on: November 7, 2012

This is Mimi, my new rescue (on her first day home) who is having the time of her life exploring and causing troubles.

Hello, I’m Rue  aka Rueberri (unknown mixed breed)! I love to wrestle with my sissy, Riley (Lab / Aussie) and play with all my toys. I love to model and strut my stuff! Mommy says I’m crazy. I believe her, but how could you resist a face like mine?

Rue with Riley

Name: Daisy
Age: Two months old
Gender: Female
Kind: Guinea Pig
Home: North America
Hi! So this is my beautiful little Guinea pig Daisy, she is two months old. She’s special because she is herself! I suppose all people say that about their pets, but Daisy is Special because she’s mine and she, while in the pet store, ended up being mistaken for a male.
Her personality is such that she’s really hyper, especially in the mornings. Then she runs around her cage nonstop and stays wheeking very loudly for approximately ten minutes. She doesn’t know any tricks. She likes playing in the grass and on the floor for “floor time” every day. I’m not sure I would call her affectionate towards me but she is towards my other family members. We live in North America, and although guinea pigs originate in South America, I am glad Daisy is here and happy with me. I hope you all enjoy her as much as I do!

Name: Molly
Age: Six years old
Gender: Female
Breed: Cardigan Welsh Corgi
Home: Stevens Point, Wisconsin, USA
When we decided it was time to get our first dog for our new home Mike and I found a breeder with a batch of brand new cuddly, wriggling Cardigan Corgi pups and we adored every one. How would we ever choose?!? But then the breeder said there’s one more you might want to meet and brought out Molly.  She ran into the room, sized us up, and leapt into my lap. It was love at first sight, all around. Molly was a five month old who hadn’t found the right home yet. She was past the brief, precious, squishy puppy stage that turns me into a cooing, babbling goof. But she seemed special. Squishy, wriggling puppies didn’t stand a chance!
I returned a few weeks later to bring her home. And when I brought her home I realized that her instant acceptance of Mike and me was a unique occurrence. She is a shy girl, and it takes a lot of effort and good behavior for anyone else to gain her trust.
It’s impossible to have a bad day when Molly is around. Even crabby old men laugh when they see her during one of our walks in the park because she exudes joy and humor. I’ve always had dogs, and I’ve loved every last one. I believe that a house isn’t truly a home without a dog. But Molly is more than just a pet. I’m pretty sure she’s a once in a lifetime gift. She’s a well trained dog, but Corgis are also know to be master people trainers, and she lives up to expectations! She has an intelligence, humor and devotion that I thought could only be found in “Lassie” type legends.
Recently it was her her sixth birthday. We started the day with a long walk along the riverfront, where she watched the ducks, but didn’t chase them (good dog!) and watched the squirrels until I gave her permission to chase them (again, good dog!). We didn’t run into any crabby old men, but she certainly made me laugh, and so it started out as another good day, as it always has since she joined the family.

Name: Vlek
Age: One year old
Gender: Male
Kind: Domestic Shorthair
Home: Hasselt, Overijssel, Netherlands
Hi! I want to introduce my cat. His name is Vlek,  he is one year old and a couple of months. He is a very lovely cat! He listen to his name and comes when you call him. He is always ready for a hug. He’s my friend, my best buddy. Where I go, he follows me everywhere.
My cat is a very sweet cat, a special cat. He is friends with everyone he knows; our dog, our other cats, my boyfriend, even our horses. He sleeps with our dog.
His story is very special. I didn’t buy him, I didn’t want a cat; we have a lot of cats. But last year I was on a walk with my friend and then I saw him sitting on the road, so I took out of the road, so a car didn’t hit him. After that he wanted my attention and followed us. He was a little, young cat, but also ugly and skinny. He followed us to my home, along with his brother or sister. They were both very weak, but his little brother or sister didn’t make it and died at our house.
We live on a farm with stables next the house. We can go out of our house to the stable using two doors. Since he came here, he has always sat at that door and waits for someone to come and give him a lot of love. So I did. Other cats don’t come in the house, but he did during that time to recuperate. He got good food and meat. Now a year later is he is beautful. It took a lot of time, but now he’s fine. He enjoys his life and plays with everyone, but often with his little girlfriend. He make jumps, rolls and makes weird steps, it’s very funny to see! But he is now a strong cat.
He likes to take a walk if I do, so we are always walking together. He wants always to be near with me. He makes my happy if I’m sad, he always makes my day better if I go to school or something. Every morning I see him sitting by the door to the stable in front of our house. Often he wants to get something to eat. All day all the cats have food, but sometimes he wants something different, meat for example, like he got when he was so scrawny and need the extra protein.
Now he’s going to live at the stable, not in our house but with his little friends and his big friends. Sometimes he comes in the house and walks freely about, often he wants a big hug, which I am happy to give him. He is also a good model, I like photography and he always sits beautifully or make some nice jumps for the camera. I love him.


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