Today's Pet Pics

thursday’s crew for 11.8.12

Posted on: November 8, 2012

This is my little Chloe  on her favorite spot looking up at me doing one of my favorite things, taking pictures of my adorable kitty.

Hi, My name is Theo.  Seeing as how I am a chocolate lab, my parents named me after their favorite chocolate company, Seattle’s Theo Chocolate. I moved to Seattle in September and have already made friends all over the city. Each Saturday I get to meet other puppies and play at a class called Puppy Kindergarten. Also, I love to travel because Mom sits in the backseat with me and gives me toys, treats, and lots of hugs. My first road trip was to Idaho, where I met my cousins, grandma, and great grandma. I loved this trip because my family gave me all kinds of new toys and I got to play with Uncle and Grandma’s dogs. My parents say I’ll get to travel even more when I’m older to places like the mountains. I will focus hard in Puppy Kindergarten to prove I’m ready for all adventures. Don’t let my cute face fool you; I’m smart and sneaky. I explore the world one bite at a time. Sometimes that bite is on your favorite shoe or book.

Name: Doringa
Age: Six years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Haflinger-Arabian horse
Home: Northern Germany
I want to introduce my pet, her name is Doringa and she’s a Haflinger-Arabian horse. Doringa is one of my mares and she lives in our own stable. She is the daughter of my Haflinger mare and I raised her by myself from the very first day. Her father was an Arabian.
Mainly I ride dressage with her, of course she isn’t that good like other big horses, because she’s only a pony, but she always tries very hard. Last year I considered selling, because she was angry with other horses and kicked them, but now she’s changed so much and is better with other horses and is well behaved when I’m riding her. I only ride her without a bit and she is very good about it. She can also do some tricks.
She loves my other horse, a P.R.E. ( Pure Raza Espanola) mare, a Spanish horse. She’s the only horse Doringa really likes. I love Doringa very much.

Name: Mirta
Age: Four years old
Gender: Female
Breed: Yorkshire Terrier
Home: London, UK
Mirta  is my Yorkshire Terrier. She is very special to me because I’ve had her for a long time now and yes she does know tricks, she can jump really high! It’s really funny that she can smile, too! She also has a very good sense of smell, for example if you throw a ball in the distance, she can use her sense of smell to find it. She isn’t scared of water like some small dogs, she’s really good at swimming. She is musical, too – when I’m playing the guitar she sings to the tune. Also we play fetch – she comes back with the stick if I throw it. She doesn’t bite people, either. She is also quite supportive; when someone’s upset she comes up to them and cuddles next to them. She is a very special dog.

Name: Kina
Age: Three years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Tabby cat
Home: Spain
Hello everybody! This is my pet Kina.  She’s a tabby cat aged three years old and I love her because she’s very playful and funny. I didn’t buy her, because I took her from a pound, but she got used to me from the first moment she entered my home. In fact, she investigated the whole house the first day and didn’t seem afraid of the change. So, from the first moment her attitude caught my attention.
After some years, I have discovered she is very curious. Any time Kina sees a cavity or an empty space she tries to get in, even when she knows she can’t do that, because a space is too small! Besides, she loves to be in the garden or out of home, and to come back through the windows (yes, the windows, not the back door). But, at night, she gets close to me, next to my bed, keeping me company. So, this is my cat, Kina and I love her very much!


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