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monday’s crew for 11.12.12

Posted on: November 12, 2012

Oliver  was on the streets for three months until we adopted him. He loves to cuddle and chew on his mother’s hair!

Barley  (goldendoodle) rarely barks, except to let you know when her ball is stuck under the sofa, and she loves to fetch and play with her stuffed cow toy. She’s a total joy and loves to make new friends. Since moving to Seattle she has really loved going hiking, trail running, and swimming in the lakes! She will gladly hike over ten miles without missing a step!

Name: Fabio
Age: Four and a half weeks old
Gender: Male
Kind: Crested Guinea Pig
Home: Martinsville, Ohio, USA
This is Fabio,  and he is just over a month old! Fabio is always in a happy, excited mood. He is spunky and just plain lovable. He has recently accompanied my other guinea pig, Leonette (who is in one of the pictures with Fabio), and she has never been happier. It is only when he is next to her that we remember he is still a baby, really, and has more growing to do!
He makes us laugh when he chirps to Leonette, but we feel so bad because there is a cage divider, so they cannot proclaim their piggy love physically. But, nonetheless, Fabio brings sunshine wherever he goes, including to other guinea pigs. He is a very sweet and special boy!

Fabio with Leonette

Name: Dante
Age: One year old
Gender: Male
Breed: Chihuahua
Home: Elizabethton, Tennessee, USA
This is our baby, Dante,  we have only had him for a little over a year now but he is very special to us. He is very playful and can jump very high. He knows how to dance, spin, and loves to chase his ball. His favorite thing to do, though, is go for car rides with us. Although, for a Chihuahua he doesn’t bark much, but he makes up for it with his energy which never seems to run out. He gets into absolutely everything, he is a very curious and friendly dog. He loves to play with other dogs, cats, and humans. His best friend was our cat Thomas before he passed away in May this year. When he died Dante mourned him, but if it wasn’t for us coming home to him we would have gone crazy. He is our child, and we love everything about him even when he does get into trouble.

Name: Cinnamon
Age: Twelve years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Maine Coon Cat
Home: Chapel Hill, North Carolina, USA
Cinnamon  got his name because his fur looks like the perfect mixture of cinnamon and sugar, the stuff you would want to sprinkle on your bagel or sweet potato fries. Cinnamon is a very sweet cat who loves to lay in his bed, snuggle with his mom, eat treats, and be in the most inconvenient places at the most inconvenient times. Many times, you will be trying to type something on the computer or cook something on the stove and he will come up and sit on the keyboard or fluff his tail around the stove (we have to scold him for that).
Cinnamon is very vocal but is all talk and no bite. He can often be heard crying for no reason other than to make noise and get some attention (and some treats). He enjoys “making bread” on the side of the couch and sitting by the window in the sunlight and watching the birds fly by the house. He can often be found “swimming” in his water bowl and always leaves a nice little trail of wet cat prints. Cinnamon’s favorite holiday is Christmas because of the Christmas tree. He loves to chew on the ornaments and bat the branches.
We all love our cat Cinnamon very much and are very happy that he is in our lives. Although he may be mischievous at times, he is the most wonderful cat in the world!


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