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tuesday’s crew for 11.13.12

Posted on: November 13, 2012

This is our new polydactyl kitten Rizzo.  He has seven extra toes. We found him at the local humane society after having to put down our almost 20 year old cat, Mikey. Rizzo has livened up the place for our two other cats – Milo and Murray. He is basically a nut, but most kittens are, so that is what we expected. Milo isn’t very happy, but Rizzo and Murray are getting along pretty good. We have MMA smack down almost every day. Never a dull moment!

Olive  is an Alabama Labrador retriever dog who has made her home in San Diego. She loves her big sister Tally, and tries to be just like her. Her favorite thing is wrestling with Tally and Clayton, the golden retriever next door. She’s very good when she goes to work with mom, and is the most popular dog at the farmer’s market on Tuesdays. She’s still warming up to swimming in the backyard pool but is starting to get used to the idea after seeing Tally do it.

Olive and big sister Tally

Name: Baby Girl
Age: One year old
Gender: Female
Kind: Sugar glider
Home: Orange Park, Florida, USA
This is Baby Girl.  She is my first sugar glider. She has been such fun. We got her at six months old. She loves to play with toy cars and loves climbing up my blinds. She has recently learned to glide. If someone holds her, she will glide back to me. I have learned a lot since we have had her, like their nails are incredibly sharp. I have scratches all over my arms and shoulder from her climbing around me. But that’s the love I have for her, I don’t mind.
She is really good and doesn’t make a lot of noise at night like I had read they can do. I also read they are smelly. But she isn’t really that smelly either, as long as I wipe her cage every day. She is such a cool little pet. But if you make her mad, she make such a loud noise for being such a small creature. She almost sounds like a pencil sharper. Lol I love her very much

Name: Sansão
Age: One year old
Gender: Male
Breed: Epagneul Breton
Home: Lisbon, Portugal
This is Sansão,  he is an Epagneul Breton – Brittany Spaniel is what they are called in English. He is special because he was the only one that has survived of his litter of puppies. All of his other brothers died with a month. So right from the start, he has been a survivor!
He is crazy and funny, but at the same time so sweet. He never leaves me alone and wherever I go, he has to go. He loves hunting, which is what his breed was created to do, and loves going for long walks in the field. He is smart – he doesn’t like when I go to work, so he always steals my shoes when he sees that I’m going out without him. For me he is the perfect dog!

Name: Tommy
Age: Six months old
Gender: Male
Kind: European Shorthair
Home: Aachen, Germany
This is my pet cat, his name is Tommy,  and we live in Germany near Aachen. We got Tommy only a few weeks ago, and since we also have two dogs in the house (a big Alsatian and a very opinionated poodle) he necessarily has been very wary in his going-ons inside the house at the beginning. After having trimmed his nails to perfection, though, he now has started effectively defending his territory, that is roughly the whole house.
He is extremely adventurous (climbing tours on library shelves and room-high cupboards included) and a real wizard when it comes to appearing where you expect him the least! Oh yes – I almost forgot to mention his ability to temporarily vanish in another (possibly parallel) universe or dimension when he does not want to be found! The other day I had to cancel an appointment with the vet after a long and fruitless search for him (needless to say he appeared – or should I say apparated – immediately afterwards). So that is Tommy – a playful, well-poised and self-assured cat with otherwordly (or some such) abilities that we look forward to fathoming in the years to come …


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