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friday’s crew for 11.16.12

Posted on: November 16, 2012

When we found Kichi  in the middle of the road, her ears were still closed, and she was sooooo small! Kichi is now about two weeks old, and still sleeps most of the day, but is growing bigger very quickly! This is her in her crib.

Buddy  is a beautiful, unique Boston Terrier / King Charles Cavalier. He came from a breeder in the United Kingdom who had a little accident with a Boston Terrier, and what an amazing accident! Everybody stops Buddy to say, “look at the little boxer dog”, and he acts like one too!

Name: Trigger
Age: Two years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Dutch rabbit
Home: England, UK
Trigger  is my fourth rabbit and I love him to bits. He loves to sit on the top of his hutch and be fussed over for a while. He was very skittish when I first got him, because he was adopted, and as soon and you went near his ears, he would freak out and try and shrink away. So I don’t think he was treated very well before. But that is all in the past.
Now he is in his nice new home, running around his cage and relaxing in his sand box. He lets me touch his ears now, though he still gets a bit worried if you touch underneath them. He even lets me kiss his nose. I love him and I think that even though he was adopted he is still an amazing pet who loves his owners. Though be careful, he likes chewing on jeans and shoes! He love to chew through the bag I use to clean his cage out with as a favorite game, or trying to tip it over.

Name: Morgan
Age: One year old
Gender: Male
Breed: Corgi
Home: Saint Louis, Michigan, USA
We lost our previous Corgi, Avalon, in August. My dad was so heartbroken that he couldn’t stand the pain anymore till he brought home our corgi, Morgan.  What makes Morgan so special is that he brightens not only my dad’s life but everyone around him at a college in Alma that he accompanies my dad and his older “brother” Arthur, to work every day. Whenever he’s walking down the hallways with my dad and Arthur, all the students are so eager to see Morgan and want to pet him and play with him. The reason they wanted to is because they miss their doggies so much that they go see my dad to see if Morgan is in and love him up. My dad gets thanked a lot by students for bringing his dogs in to make them feel better whenever they have a bad day in school.
When they’re not in school, Morgan spend his free time going on his walk, hanging out with my dad in his pole barn while my dad is working, and running outside hiding his rawhide chips in every spot that he can get into. We all love him!

Name: Navi
Age: Seventeen months old
Gender: Female
Kind: Tabby
Home: Austin, Texas, USA
Hi Ya’ll, my name is Navi!
Guess what? I am from the Lone Star State! I am currently residing in Austin, Texas. GO LONGHORNS!!
Mother tells me every day that I am so special to her because my sister Rambi and I came in to her life at a very emotional and difficult time. She had just lost her father when she rescued us, the vet determined I was born right around the same day he passed. We were feral and just a few weeks old, so small that we could fit in her hand. It was a little scary at first but we appreciated her taking us in. We have loved and taken care of her ever since that special day.
Since I was rescued I have realized that my “Mother” is quite the nerd! She named me after an annoying little fairy named Navi from her favorite video game Zelda, my sister Rambi is named after a Rhino from Donkey Kong! Silly Humans! She says I talk way too much, but what can I say? I love to talk! I especially love meal time, it’s my favorite time of day, the food around here is great! I try to eat human food but all my attempts have failed … One day … One day …
I have grown to be almost fifteen pounds in the seventeen months I have been around! I am the best 15 pounds of cat ever!! I am still growing and sometimes the downstairs neighbors complain about me being way too loud. HEHE! Father tells them sorry but I just show them cattitude through the window when they look at me and realize its me causing all the ruckus … I may be a big girl but I still act like a kitten sometimes. I love to knead, cuddle and purr.
Sometimes, when I think about my birth mom I nurse on my favorite wool blanket and eventually pass out. Mother plays with Rambi and I every night, she taught me how to fetch my toy mouse and I love to run, jump, hunt, pounce and play with feathers! I can jump almost five feet in the air now!! I am learning new tricks all the time. I also like to bird watch, sleep, be lazy and snuggle with my parents when they sleep. If I want something real bad I just stare at Mother until she figures out what it is that I want … HEHE! I love knowing that I am so spoiled and that I bring such amusement and comfort in to the lives of humans. I will continue to be loyal to my parents as long as they have me because without them I might not be alive today. Life is good and I consider every day the best day ever! Gotta scram! Time to eat!!


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