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monday’s crew for 11.19.12

Posted on: November 19, 2012

Calypso Beanthe calico cat was my very first cat. She was sweet, playful, and loved giving (and receiving!) affection. This photo was taken when she was around five months old. She chased butterflies and hunted bugs on her first outdoor adventure. Calypso died unexpectedly on November 12th (at the young age of 1 year and 9 months) but she will never be forgotten.

Hi, my name is Wally  (cockapoo)! I am 11 weeks old and have already faced down a massive hurricane and Nor’easter storm since coming home to Massachusetts. Even though I weigh a little less than a gallon of milk, I’m not afraid of extreme wind, rain, or snow! My parents say I am a puppy genius because it only took me a few days to sniff my way from our house to the park and to stop treating our rugs like my outhouse. I am called Wally because my dad grew up in Concord, Massachusetts, which is the birthplace of the American Revolution and home of transcendental hero Ralph Waldo Emerson, whom I was named after! Mr. Emerson once wrote, “For every minute you are angry you lose sixty seconds of happiness,” and I’m the kind of pup who’s always inspiring a smile! The truth is most people I meet think that I am named after the Boston Red Sox’s mascot, Wally the Green Monster, which is pretty cool too, since I love to root for my home team!

Name: Zacky
Age: Eight months old
Gender: Male
Kind: Peach-faced Lovebird
Home: Italy
This is my little agapornis roseicollis Zacky, (also known as a Peach-faced Lovebird). I got him when he was only eighteen days old, he was small and without feathers, he grew up and was weaned along with his brother Jack, who is now the parrot of my sister, and a thrush named Merlin. More active and curious than ever, now Zacky is eight months old and he flies around the house following me everywhere. He loves whistling the songs that we taught him, cuddling and kisses, I could cuddle him for a whole day (especially on the neck) and he wouldn’t get tired!
His favorite hobby is gnawing the Play Station 3 joypad, in fact you cannot play the game when he is around. He is in a perpetual competition with my dove (her name is Hope), I cannot cuddle her in peace because he is jealous! Zacky loves to listen to my cockatiel Iris singing, he is like a music teacher for him, together they make a concert!
I especially love Zacky’s vitality and the love he gives me back is amazing! He loves to climb and do somersaults, he is so funny when he does that stuff! Without them my life wouldn’t make sense, they put a smile on my face every single day!

Zachy’s first photo

Name: Ruby Ginger
Age: Four years old
Gender: Female
Breed: Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
Home: Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
Hi! My name is Charlie, and this is my beautiful Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Ruby Ginger. The photos I have attached are of her at nine weeks and currently at four years. Ruby is my second dog after my first dog, Miffy unfortunately passed away from cancer. She is very special because even though she is four years old, she acts just like a puppy. She licks us to death!
She is constantly trying to run out of the house to go exploring or lizard hunting, but she always runs back to us. Ruby is the same color of our floorboards so when we open the door and don’t see her there because she’s camouflaged, I like to call her my walking floorboard. She’s quick though, so never gets stepped on!
She is truly the sweetest dog, never biting and always begging for a pat. We love her.

Name: Elmeri
Age: Four months old
Gender: Male
Kind: Cat
Home: Finland
My name is Elli, and this is my kitten Elmeri! He is no fancy kind, just a regular cat, but he is very special to me. He is playful and lovely. He is so sweet when he comes to bed in the morning and starts to purr and push on my cheeks, it makes my whole day much better. There is nothing like kitten love to start the day off right!
Elmeri is friendly and he lets you pet him, unlike some other cats. He loves to play with everything that moves and he is running very much whenever he gets the chance. He hates being outside the house. He loves to sleep all day and eat, and play a lot. And I love him!


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