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wednesday’s crew for 11.21.12

Posted on: November 21, 2012

Once again, it started out as a normal day… until this little one stumbled into the road, right in front of my school bus! He came to find me for a reason. It was a huge task for him because he was only three and a half weeks old. I picked him up, he purred & then he sneezed on me! He then looked away at something. I looked too and saw his four siblings (born to a feral mom). After I rounded them up, I realized that Unowas the runt of the litter… with the heart of a lion! After many weeks of bottle feeding, vet visits and around the clock care, the vet gave them a clean bill of health. The no-kill shelter that I foster for took four of them, spayed/neutered them and all found forever homes. My little lion hearted Uno stayed with me! He earned it!

Buddy is my sweet little golden retriever. He loves to run and bark and knows so many tricks already! He can sit, shake, speak, give high-fives, and even roll over! He likes to play with his friend, Annie, our other golden retriever who is 3 years old. Buddy likes to crawl under beds and cabinets to take a nap (but not only that, he’ll pretty much sleep anywhere). He loves sitting in his mommy’s lap and stealing grandpa’s slippers. He also likes to take chestnuts from the yard and and tries to bring them in the house to chew on them. He loves his puppy life!

Name: Fuego
Age: One year old
Gender: Male
Kind: Veiltail Betta fish
Home: New York, USA
This is my orange Veiltail betta fish named Fuego (which translates in Spanish to mean fire). He is one year old and loves to flare his fins whenever he catches his own reflection in his tank.
Fuego is just about the laziest bettafish I have ever seen. He is one of those bettas who actually prefer a smaller tank. I placed him in a temporary tank of about two gallons with a plant a log and a leaf to rest on. The next morning I woke up to see that he had made the biggest bubble nest I had ever seen a betta make! The bubble nest is a sign from a betta that he is healthy and happy (and ready for a mate). Over the next week I set up a 6.6-gallon tank for him but once I got him in there he was terrified! Even after five days to get used to his surroundings he barely moved from the corner of the tank. He hadn’t blown one bubble! When I put him back into what I thought of as his “temporary” two-gallon tank I found him making another bubble nest not two hours later! He is happy to sit in his log and blow bubbles and occasionally flare his gills at his own reflection.
Recently I have taught him to follow my finger around the glass using a piece of food. He is a very cool pet to have, and watching his behavior is always interesting!

Name: Fred
Age: Six years old
Gender: Male
Breed: Basset Hound
Home: Southern California, USA
We’ve been lucky enough to have Fred a.k.a. Mr. Big Sexy with us for the last four and a half years. He was originally flown in to California from a breeder in Vermont at the request of my cousin. Unfortunately, after a year and a half, my cousin could no longer care for him and asked if we’d take him in. We said yes immediately and he’s been with us ever since!
Fred, like just about all other Basset Hounds, is the most low-key, easy to manage, lovable dog any of us have ever had. He doesn’t like to be left outside for longer than fifteen to twenty minutes (when he goes out to lay in the warm sun), so he’s mostly an indoor dog. And what does he do indoors? Sleep! He probably sleeps more than our two cats do! But when we’re all together watching TV or something, he’s right there – literally – on your lap! His greatest pleasure is to have someone pet him. That’s all he wants. He’s not a barker, except when he wants to get you to play with him (which lasts about ten minutes) and loves to go outside in our front yard in the early morning and just smell the flowers.
There’s lots of reasons Fred is such a great dog. He loves people – men, women, kids – anyone coming into our house is a potential lap to sit on. Even our mail carrier loves Fred! He always has a treat in-hand and Fred knows he must sit and take the treat gently from the carrier’s hand. He loves mail time! He’s never bothered our cats (although the cats sometimes find Fred’s tail an amusing toy), he doesn’t beg for food while we’re eating, doesn’t lick and has never, ever bitten anyone, never even so much as a “play bite” when someone is roughhousing with him. He truly is the best dog we’ve ever had.

Five years old
Siamese, Shorthair mix
Tampa, Florida, USA
Frankie is such a lover. I found him at a pet store two years ago. He had been living in a cage for over three years and no one had adopted him, which I find amazing. As soon as I approached the cage, it was an instant attraction. I already had two cats at home, but Frankie fit right in.
He is part Siamese with slightly crossed eyes and walks around the house with his “puff” in his mouth, chirping. He always is looking for a warm lap to relax in and enjoys following his big brother, Monroe, around the porch area. Frankie has become Monroe’s little shadow around the house as well.
Frankie is such a lover… in fact his previous name was Loverboy but I changed it to Frankie because of his blue eyes and his love to sing/chirp around the house. He reminded me of Frank Sinatra.
In the middle of the night, Frankie rounds up his toys and plops them down by our bedroom door. In the morning when we awake, there are “presents” at the bedroom door, compliments of Frankie. He is such a giving cat. Once the door is open, Frankie needs snuggle time with you in the bed before he can start his day. He will literally lay on your chest and purr in your ear.
During the day, Frankie loves spending time out on our porch. Usually lizards enter the screen door and Frankie never messes with them. Now Monroe, on the other hand, is a hunter at heart and the lizards typically don’t last long, but not sweet Frankie.
When Frankie wants love, he will jump up into your lap and become like a rag doll – he completely trusts you and will allow himself to become comfortable in your lap.
Our family is now complete with Frankie in it.


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