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Happy Thanksgiving thursday’s crew for 11.22.12

Posted on: November 22, 2012

This kitten, whom I named Taylor,  was found as a stray along with her littermates living outside in October in Minnesota… needless to say it is getting chilly here in October. But… what made me pick her picture… those cheeks… they look like itching to be pinched! I am thinking she will adopted soon.

My name is Jasper  and I was born on August 29. My dad is Newfoundland and my mom is a Great Pyrenees. I often get teased that I look like a cow and will be the same size as one, so silly. I was born in northern Minnesota. With this thick coat of fur, I love the cold weather. Just had my first taste of snow and I loved it. It tastes great and keeps me cold. I have 2 loving parents and 3 little friends who play with me all the time.

Name: Lucky
Age: Four years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Turkey
Home: Edgewater, Florida, USA
This is Lucky, and she is a very special turkey! I raise flocks of turkeys every year, as I am a poultry farmer, and most turkeys really do not care for people at all. Not her! From the very beginning, she set herself apart from the flock with her personality. Sure the rest of the birds would greet me at feeding time, but as soon as the food was on the ground, I did not matter! But Lucky always greets me, whether or not it is feeding time. She follows me around, talking to me in her own turkey dialect, and as you can see is even cooperative enough to wear hats and signs. She hangs around the barnyard with her other poultry friends when I’m busy elsewhere. She like being petted, and is even trustworthy around children, which is never the case with other turkeys.
Because of her distinct sweet friendly personality, she did not end up onanyone’s Thanksgiving table. She was spared that harvest time, and has been every one since. She is not just a turkey, she is a real pet, and a good friend. She even models signs for our radio show, too! This will be her fourth Thanksgiving with us, and we look forward to many more adventures together!

Name: Bailey
Age: Six months old
Gender: Female
Breed: Chihuahua
Home: Seattle, Washington, USA
Miss Bailey is a Purebred Chihuahua usually found basking in the sun in a condo located in Downtown Seattle, Washington. What makes her special? What doesn’t!
Everywhere we go, Bailey makes new friends. Everyone wants to pet her and talk to her! She is the star of the party! The funny part, she doesn’t like all the attention. She is very kind and will give you a few sniffs and some sweet kisses with her slobbery tongue but that’s it! She much prefers to bask in the sunshine and wrestle with her favorite toy ‘Monkey.’ But even Monkey isn’t her favorite. If you are lucky, you’ll get Bailey kisses! If she could do one thing for the rest of her life, it would be to give kisses! Non-stop kisses, all day, every day!
She is a sweetheart, a cute small dog that everyone wants to play with. But more importantly, she is a joy and a source of love and happiness in our family. She’s one of the gang and we are so thankful every day that she came into our lives! She will be handing out Thanksgiving kisses, and would like to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving with their own sunny spot to lie in for a good nap after dinner!

Name: Liam
Age: Seven months old
Gender: Male
Kind: Shorthair
Home: Georgia, USA
Introducing Liam! My boyfriend and I had been wanting a cat for a while and when we met little Liam, it was love at first purr! Liam is playful,very talkative, curious, and had us trained in just a couple weeks. He can be the sweetest cuddle bug or the most random spaz at the drop of a hat. He loves his laser pointer and his crinkle ball but when “grandma” (my mom) comes over, it’s all about the feathers dangling from a stick!!
Thankfully Liam still has those little kitten mews and chirps, and he knows they just make us melt. We can’t be mad at him, he plays us like a couple teddy bears. To most he is just a cat, but to my boyfriend and I, he is our little fur-son. His personality shines through his eyes and his body language. He doesn’t need a human voice because his works just fine! Neither I nor my boyfriend could imagine a more perfect pet for us, and we can’t wait to see what else this growing bundle of love and fur will show us.


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