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tuesday’s crew for 11.27.12

Posted on: November 27, 2012

This beloved kitten, named Macey,  is a seven-week-old tortoiseshell given to us by a friend. Our friend’s uncle works at a construction site in Washington DC. One day he witnessed a person drive up to the curb and throw this poor kitten out the car door and drive away. He brought the kitten home with him, but could not keep her because of his large dog. My friend called me up and told me the story, and there was no way we could resist taking in such an adorable kitten. We took her to the vet and were relieved to find out that she was perfectly healthy. She is extremely playful, but can also be a very loving girl!

Lancer (Australian shepherd) is proving to be a very optimistic and courageous pup. Lancer’s feelings are not easily hurt, by any means. If we or Roscoe scold him for bad behavior, he is completely and utterly unfazed and simply frolics away to find something else to be happy about! He has a strong spirit and very high play drive, one-upping Roscoe in play-fighting at only 9 weeks old. He no longer belly-ups and accepts loss anymore, and will keep playing until he drops dead. Constantly happy, overwhelmingly confident, always enthusiastic, quite testing, does not accept loss, vigorous, chaotic, forceful, truly believes he is destined to be the king of the world, and too intelligent for his own good! What a pup. Best of all, Roscoe absolutely adores him, and he, her. To be honest, I’m very proud of his mental strength and enthusiasm. He is precisely the polar opposite of Roscoe, and I can’t wait to see what kind of superdog he will grow up to be with proper training!

Lancer with Roscoe

Name: Amerillo
Age: Five years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Budgerigar
Home: USA
Amerillo  is a very delightful pet to have around. A lot of people dismiss budgies as ‘boring’ but once you get to know them they’re wonderful! She always wants to be with the bigger birds (my Cockatiels Peeper and Skeeter) and steals their food and perches!
She is quite smart, knows how to flutter up and down the stairs and follow people around! Sometimes Amerillo can be very annoying, as she imitates the cockatiels’ calls very loudly. She is a bit of a piggie, if I give her a bit of food she always wants more till she’s about to explode.
When she gets into an attitude it is quite amusing. She bites harder than both larger birds combined and likes to throw little objects everywhere or rip toys to shreds. It’s like a toddler throwing a tantrum.
Something I love about her is she doesn’t get angry or ticked off if you don’t play with her one day. She sings her lovely mangled-sounding bird noises, and keeps singing even if she’s been stuck in her cage bored all day. I love her very much!

Name: Geddy
Age: One year old
Gender: Male
Breed: Dachshund
Home: Clovis, California, USA
One of the reasons why Geddy  is so special is obvious just by looking at him. He has some of the most rarest, strangest marking I have ever seen on a dachshund. He is also very sweet and extremely goofy. He never fails to put a smile on my face even on awful days. He can always make you laugh and he has a big personality that anyone can see just by looking at the photo. He is incredibly sweet, like always insisting on laying on your lap while you hold his toy for him to chew. Overall, I absolutely love him!
For his overall personality though, he acts like he is the king of the world. He is very independent until he runs into something new … Like a trash bag, and then he is very affectionate. He doesn’t know any traditional tricks, except for lie down, but if you tell him to follow you he would prance after you, I swear sometime he actually understands you. Neither of his parents look like him, his mom was a dappled Standard and his dad was a red Mini, but he is huge, 26 pounds to be exact. He loves to play fetch, even though he doesn’t bring it back all the time. Overall he is just an awesome dog!

Name: Cheshire
Age: One year old
Gender: Male
Kind: Siamese, Ragdoll mix
Home: California, USA
Cheshire  came into our family by accident, but he’s quickly become a beloved member of the household. He was my grandmother’s cat before she passed away earlier this year, and stayed with her for the first year of his life. He adored her, and misses her everyday. He had become my cat since then, mostly because I took care of him while he was sick and have always been there for him.
When Cheshire first came into our home, he was a tiny, fluffy kitten who refused to leave my lap. When I noticed his nose was bleeding, I demanded my parents take him to the vet, where we found out he was very sick. I took care of him for next month, while we nursed him back to health. At that point, we found out he was not the sweet, calm kitten we thought. He got the nickname ADD cat because of his inability to stay focused on anything for more than five minutes. He’s very small, but had a very big personality. I call him itty-bitty-kitty, and more recently my chunky monkey because he’s been gaining weight.
Since my grandmother passed away, Cheshire has come to live with us permanently. His favorite chair from my grandmother’s residence if still his favorite place to curl up, and we know he misses his old lady. He had refused to purr ever since she passed away, though he does show his affection and appreciation in other ways, like wagging his tail. Yes, he wags his tail.
Cheshire loves to bat his tail around, using it to show us every emotion in the book. He only curls up with me and my other cat Caspion, and has helped my cat take over my room. They actually will sit outside and guard me when I’m in the room, going after the alpha-male of the house if he comes near the door to my room. Cheshire has only recently learned how to talk, and has quickly become the loudest cat in the household.
He is also the only cat who has a collar in the house. Mostly this is because he will always try to escape, running to the back door whenever we open it for the dogs. He’s a sweet cat with so much personality, and I love him.


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