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wednesday’s crew for 11.28.12

Posted on: November 28, 2012

This little girl was wandering around my apartments wanting to find another kitty who would play with her. Of course they didn’t want to play with her – they kept smacking and hissing at her…She was meowing so loudly that when I heard her, I knew she was in trouble. It took me almost 20 minutes to scoop her up. I tried to find a shelter that would take her, but no one would the day after Thanksgiving, so she’s become part of my clan and now she is BBG or Baby Bat Girl. She’s warmed up to me and purrs louder than a full grown cat. She’s a Cutie and has won me over.

Hello, my name is Hershey.  I am 14 weeks old and Mommy tells me that I am a very handsome little chocolate lab boy. I love to chew on anything that I can get my mouth around including shoes, pillows and all my toys. I am currently in puppy kindergarten and love all the new things that I am learning. Mommy says that when I get bigger I am going to be a therapy dog so that I can help people feel better when they are sick. I like to play with everybody and love going to the dog park to meet new people and dogs. I’m pretty smart for a little guy. I know to sit, down, shake and I can ring a jingle bell when I have to go potty. I can’t wait to learn more. Mommy is very proud of me.

Name: Bimberly
Age: Unknown
Gender: Female
Kind: Lop Rabbit
Home: England
Bimberly is my rabbit, and her age is probably three to five(ish) not to sure as she was a rescue rabbit. Bimberly started off as the most nervous and aggressive rabbit possible, simply walking past her hutch would set her off growling at you. She had had little contact with any humans and had been alowed to run free range around a garden for most of her life. After several weeks I began to notice a change in her, no more growling 🙂 and although I had picked her up before this to move her from hutch to run and so on, this was the first time she had been completely fine about it, in fact she seemed to love it. Now I seem to be the only person she trusts and she will only let other people near her with me there telling her “It’s okay, they’re nice.”
Recently I started playing in the garden a lot with her and found out that if you roll a ball toward her she’ll roll it back, like playing a game of football. I’m trying to get her to roll it into a net (a cardboard box turned on its side) so we can have ‘proper’ game with her. Maybe I could even teach my guinea pigs and they could compete!
Bimberly was the first rabbit I ever owned and I love her so much for what she’s taught me about myself. She taught me how to be more dominant (so that I’m not obeying the rules of small fluffy creatures all the time) but to be kind about it. She helped me to find the right balance of hugs and cuddles and understanding when she needs her own space. I love her very much.

Name: Kibbles
Age: Five years old
Gender: Female
Breed: Pit Bull Terrier
Home: North Carolina, USA
This is Kibbles, my best friend. She is the last one left from her litter. Her mom was pregnant and dumped off in someone’s yard. All of her siblings were sent off to bad homes who did not know the true worth of a pit bull friendship, and have since passed away. I knew from the moment I saw Kibbles that she was the one for me. When I picked her up she snuggled into me, rolled over on her belly and fell fast asleep, and that was that!
She has gotten me through many troubling times. I have anxiety and frequent panic attacks, and when it is one of those days, she stays closes to me and knowingly lays her head in my lap to let me know it will be okay. She loves to play fetch and tug-of-war with my husband. He is her favorite person in the world. All I have to do is say “go get him” and she immediately runs to find him. She knows how to sit and lay down, and if she starts to get a little too rowdy with company over, we just tell her “calm down” and she does.
She is nothing but love, and she likes nothing more than to share that love with everyone. Her favorite thing to do is play a game of tug-of-war with her rope; and she enjoys feeling the wind on her face as she runs through the yard. I am so thankful every day to have her in my home.

Name: Mystic, Mittens
Age: Three months old
Gender: Female
Kind: Orange Tabby
Home: Gretna, Louisiana, USA
A few days after Hurricane Isaac this summer I went with a few relatives to help clean up a friend’s yard in the New Orleans suburb of Terrytown, Louisiana. On walking to one side of his house I saw a little orange ball that I quickly assumed was a dead kitten, another casualty of Isaac. When I bent over the little body, however, eyes suddenly opened and feet started moving. I quick snatch, and I had a very frightened kitten in my hand.
We asked a neighbor but she knew nothing about the kitten but said that she had rescued an almost identical kitten during the storm. She further said that she was keeping it her bath tub for safe keeping but that as soon as traffic could flow again she would “take it to animal control and they can put in down”. Enough said, we came away with two kittens.
So Mystic (full name Alma Mystic) and Mittens have a new home, compliments of Isaac. A quick trip to the vet and they were given some treatment for fleas and parasites, but otherwise proclaimed in good health. Mystic had a slight eye problem that cleared up after only two days. They both took to their new home with typical kitten gusto and play without fear with their new human friends. Mittens is the bolder one while Mystic holds back a little until she is comfortable.
After two and a half months they are super active young cats and enjoy nothing more that exploring and play wrestling with each other and with us. As you can see, either a piece of red string or a red laser light can be tons of fun and endless amusement, until they are so tuckered out we put it away, as we wouldn’t want anyone to ingest the string, and we know how mischievous kittens can be! We sure love them both!


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